What is the Wordle game?
Wordle game online, as its name suggests, is a completely free online game and you can play the game on any device anywhere.

What is the Wordle game?

Wordle game was created by a Brooklyn developer for his sweetheart. Because the creator's surname is Wardle, the game's title is a play on words.

The pair initially played Wordle together, and then the developer showed the game to his relatives before deciding to distribute it on the Internet for everyone who was interested. On the day of its release, 90 people played the game; two months later, 300,000 had done so.

The original game is notable for having a time limit - only one game per day. It was a fascinating decision, but not everyone agreed with it. The game is so addicting that you want to play it again and over again. And we've solved the problem: it's now infinitely replayable, so you can play as many games as you want and guess as many phrases as you want.