Turkish Airlines Reservations 1-855-936-1490 and Flight Booking Information
Find out information, deals and offers on Turkish Airlines Reservations. Learn offline and online reservations process and know their cancellation, refund policy.

Turkish Airlines Reservations 1-855-936-1490 and Flight Booking Information's


Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Airlines provides spacious economy seats with sufficient legroom and special meals as per requirement. Turkish Airlines reservations offers audio and video on demand and is equipped with a lot of entertainment opportunities for young and old travelers, with live TV and gaming packs. The suites are spacious and provide Turkish accommodation with welcoming workers. Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier in the nation and one of Europe’s strongest airlines, with Turkish Airlines traveling to the greatest number of destinations in the world. Ataturk International Airport is among the busiest airports in the world. 

Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933, headquartered in Istanbul, and mainly based on Istanbul Airport. A member of the star alliance, the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program is offered to its loyal travelers. Also, the airlines Corporate Club is provided to the business flyers with special reductions, extra baggage allowances, and other deals. Members have access to the corporate and airport lounges of the carrier. Travelers can buy additional seats for USD 29 or earn 2 miles for each Euro they spend when booking a hotel using Miles & Smile. Besides this, the airline provides many conveniences and comforts to its passengers.


In 123 countries Turkish Airlines flies to 50 domestic and 245 international destinations, except only Turkish Airlines Cargo airlines. Below is a collection of destinations and Cargo flights from November 2020 as part of their scheduled services. This list covers the region, the country, IATA Airports Code ( TK ), and the ICAO airport code as well as the name of the airport, with both the hub of the airline, airports, cargo services, and destinations identified for future and finished destinations.

Europe with 108 (Transcaucasia, Siberia, and Cyprus), Asia with 65, Africa with 53 (including Sinai), and the United States with 19 are the continents with the most destinations outside. With Germany as 14, Russia as 10, France as well as with the United States as nine, France as 8, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine as 7, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Spain, and Great Britain as five, each has the highest airport number served by the carrier outside the Republic of Turkey.

Fleet Size

The modernization of fleet capability would lead to 40 fewer aircraft being flown by 2020 than last year. In its full-year financial performance, the airline’s updated fleet plan reveals that in 2020, its fleet will consist of 369 jets, as opposed to the 409 predicted in its last full-year statement. This year, TK plans to take six aircraft, but in 2018 deliveries are reduced to just 10 from 34 aircraft

Only one Boeing 777-300ER, a long-haul passenger plane that has switched the remaining shipments to freights, will be supplied this year. This year, three carriers, two Boeing 777Fs, and an Airbus A330-200F will be operated by the airline. The full-year financial statements of Turkish Airlines show that their freight revenues increased 6.5% in 2016, as opposed to the sharp decline in their passenger incomes.


Flying Returns gives you the collective power of Indian Airlines, Partner Airlines, and codeshare partners. As a traveling returns passenger, you can now earn FR points on select code-share flights. The FR points depend on the travel industry and class. You will find it helpful to look at the baggage rules of the airlines when you fly on a flight operated by one of the partners of Turkish Airlines. The luggage rules can differ as per the flight partner airline.

Codeshares among Turkish Airlines and the following airlines:

Step by Step Process of Booking through the Official App: 

You can search your website or install an app from the app store to access Turkish Airline Booking online. The website is easy to navigate that can be used by individuals of all ages. Even people who lack web experience can easily access official website. The Turkish Airlines reservations can easily be achieved without hassle. You need to follow the simple steps to book tickets with the web browser.

The Turkish Airlines reservations allow you to detect the location automatically for booking tickets. Payment can be made via the website. If the customer has paid, the flight ticket is issued. 

Turkish Airlines flight booking could also be done online, through a downloadable application that is both available on iOS and Android. The program is user-friendly and requires internet access. The passenger will process the app in the same way as the internet browser.

An effective airline operation recognizes customers’ needs. They provide passengers with the facilities to reserve their tickets without online service. Turkish Airlines reservations can also be made offline. The sales office or call center may be used for an individual to reserve flight tickets. The customer support center is open 24 hours a day. For Turkish Airlines booking you can call on +1-855-936-1490.

Booking by Calling Turkish Airlines Reservations Phone Number: 

An airline is suitable if it has efficient customer support to ensure the passenger’s feeling of comfort. Turkish Airlines customer service is confident and operates with a firm commitment to creating a comfort zone for travelers. You must dial Turkish Airlines customer service number +1-855-936-1490 to meet the representative. Many airlines don’t provide passengers with 24 x 7 customer service, but Turkish Airlines reservations with more than 10000 employees offer assistance without time limits anytime you want to obtain help.  You may also book your tickets by calling the customer service center. The officer will be able to assist you in the booking process.

Travelers should know which cabin they want to book according to their flight services. Turkish Airlines flight reservations provides several of the finest on-board services in the industry. Passengers can remain occupied with the Skylife in-flight or the entertainment screens available in all airline cabins. A series of music, games, and shows were curated in collaboration with Disney, particularly for children. TK has developed a special on-flight music platform named ‘My Music World’ with over 750,000 songs, in partnership with the Universal Music Group. The Wi-Fi facilities are free on board for travelers in the company and Miles&Smiles Elite. The passengers from the Economy can also use the service for USD 10 an hour and purchase a package of USD 14 for a full day.

This online check-in service explicitly supports documents to complete online reservation procedures for Turkish Airlines before boarding. Before that every day, passengers had to wait for their turn at the check-in counter in lengthy and time-consuming queues. And of course, the Turkish national airline launched improved online checking facilities to avoid such time-taking circumstances. 

As passengers can conveniently access the airline’s official site and check in the time has changed. It will be open 24 hours before the departure of the flight. Up to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure, travelers can complete their detailed check-in.

TK enables passengers to book their selected and preferred seats. Previously only at the airport check-in counter was that facility open. Passengers could also go to the Turkish Airlines reservations website and enjoy the right to change them.

They gives you full freedom, regardless of your journey by luggage to use this on-line check-in or online check-in facility. You need not even tell the airline about your baggage when you begin this online check-in method.

The online check-in facility is fully accessible at all TK airports. Most cities are also provided with smartphone check-in services. Dozens of airports from around the world offer the ease of mobile boarding passes.

Check-in Options

1. Online Check-in

Online check-in for domestic and international flights is available for flyers and travelers who have Turkish Airlines reservations. The timetable for the completion of the check-in is 24 hours to 90 minutes from the beginning of your flights.

2. Mobile Check-in

It is also simple and accessible to complete the check-in process with your iPhone and Android apps. Apps from either AppStore ( ) or Google Play ( )can be downloaded.

3. Self-Check-in

Electronic ticket travelers can make use of kiosk devices for check-in at the airport from 12 to 45 minutes before scheduled airport departure, or 60 minutes before international flights scheduled departure.

4. Counter Check-in 

Two hours before the expected departure for international flights, you must check-in at the counter. You must however be addressed for internal routes at the counter one hour before take-off.

Turkey is one of Europe’s largest airlines. The cabin and check-in baggage regulations comply with its free baggage allowances.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

You can travel 1 piece of 8 kg on Economy or Comfort Class through the Cabin baggage entitlement rules of the Turkish airliners. Two pieces of 8 kg each are permitted to business class travelers. Children can also carry 1 piece, 8 kg of baggage. No larger than 55, 40, 23 cms shall be the measurements of the bag. Passengers can take one of these personal products – Handbags, small cameras, strollers, and laptops/tablets, and umbrellas – in addition to this limit.

Excess weight is to be paid for overweight cabin baggage. However, the entire weight of the cabin baggage is paid according to excess luggage costs if overweight (but not overweights). Liquids can be transported in a cabin but 100ml, individually in a sealed transparent bag. The exceptions are original packets, prescription medicines, and infant food for consumption during flight. Liquids purchased in duty-free stores are shipped in sealed and originally packaged cabins. On airlines in the United States or Europe, however, there are 100ml limits.

Check-in Baggage Allowance: 

For domestic and foreign flights, the rules for testing the baggage allowance of Turkish Airlines are different. These depend on the type of journey.

For Domestic Flights: 

For International Flights: 

However, for international flights, there’re many variations to this general law. For both industry and economic classes, passengers traveling to and from Egypt are permitted 50 kg. The quota for Business class and economy flights to Norway and Jakarta is 40 kg. The quota for the economy and business class from Germany too and above Turkey is 30kg and 40kg. The support for the economy and business class from Ireland is 30 kg and 40 kg.

Your flight ticket can be canceled and you can obtain a full refund on your booking depending on your chosen destination. When flying with the TK Airlines and having to cancel your flight reservation, you would have to know the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, the Turkish Airlines cancelation charges, and the Turkish Airlines refund policy to help you handle all restrictions easily.

Cancellation Options: 

They allows passengers by three different methods listed below which enables them to cancel their tickets and reserve.

Officials Websites

They allows reservations to be cancelled through the use of the official site. Tickets can be canceled on the website of passengers. Follow the following procedure. 

This allows a passenger to cancel their tickets by following the above process.

Offline Through Calls

According to the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy travelers are permitted to cancel tickets offline. Travelers should dial 1 (800) 874-8875. Their representatives are available 24/7 to help the cancelation process in any problems related to the cancelation of tickets.

Mobile Application

If the tickets are also obtained via mobile applications Turkish Airlines will permit cancellation. With the aid of the airline, travelers can access their account with ease and continue the information required to cancel air tickets.

Airport Counter

It is easy for travelers to cancel their plane tickets through the airport counter itself by Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy. Travelers should expect to cancel their tickets only by accessing the counter during the mentioned period and in compliance with the cancelation policies.

Ticketing Office

They also gave passengers the choice of canceling their plane tickets through the ticket office, in comparison to the above. These departments follow the same terms and conditions for canceling under the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. Until canceling flight reservations, passengers should strictly observe all laws and regulations.

Check the specifics of your flight and find the appropriate tips and tricks to adjust your flight. During flight changes and cancelations, these are the circumstances you need to remember. You must know the valid rules for changing the online flight ticket. Turkish Airlines change reservations flight arrangements and no details of any sort can be found. Only move to flights. You will likely have an older time to change a flight ticket online.  So, you must read the directions when changing your flight ticket online, and then you can go simply to cancel or change the phase of the flight.

Steps of How to Change the Flight: 

You have to choose the plane to make any changes or to change your flight.  Fees depend on the task. A ticket service fee that depends on you may be paid simply for your flight route and class. If your selection of a flight change fee is an issue, you may call your customer representative directly who will immediately advise you to pick the fee. 

According to the refund policy of Turkish Airlines, the complete refund sum will be transferred to passengers if the cancelation of the flight ticket is affected within 24 hours from the date the original tickets are purchased. Bookings can also be canceled seven days before the flight’s departure.

The refund is to be collected and credited to the account of the passenger after canceling has taken place from the end of the passenger for a total of 20 working days. The Turkish Airlines cancelation fee is related to routes and classes. The cancelation of a certain amount depends on the tickets the passenger buys.

Hope you now understand all the terms and conditions as set out in the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. But if you still have concerns about the cancelation of your flight, cancelation charges, or if you simply have to cancel your tickets by telephone, contact the Turkish Airlines Cancellation Team at 1 (800) 874-8875. The team will direct your flight ticket successfully with Airlines.

Miles&Smiles is a frequent flyer program that helps you to receive miles through your flights with Turkish Airlines reservations, through your spending with alliance members as well as from purchases you make using a credit or debit card from a Miles&Smiles partnership. You can buy prize tickets with Turkish Airlines reservations as well as other program partners to transactions with airline or free upgrades for your cabins for the Miles you pick up. With TK Airlines you can get prize tickets which can be used for flights. As a Miles and Smiles Member, all Star Alliance qualifying flights, hotels, car hire, credit card purchases, and many more deals can receive and earn rewards on TK. You receive miles by recommending up to five friends to the program Miles and Smiles too. 

There are award miles and status miles are available. Status miles are fares that you have received from Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance flights, which can be used for upgrading or renewing your membership level and for award tickets, improvements, and non-airline services. The prize miles are the other miles won by non-air partner organizations, such as the transfer of miles to another individual, that can be used to change or renew a membership tier, for award tickets, improvements, and facilities to non-air partners.

As a member of Miles&Smiles, you are eligible to use award tickets on Turkish as well as other Star Alliance members. Turkish Airlines book award tickets are available with one and round-trip flights, on condition that bookings are made and confirmed.

Using tickets with incentives to take a trip and find or gift new places to your loved ones. You may also get award tickets given on your own behalf for relatives and loved ones.

In the context of the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles reservations program, award tickets can be divided into two categories for Turkish Airlines flights: “limited space capacity” and “guaranteed space”.

For our limited storage capacity fares, a definite number of seats will be reserved on our flights. If this allocation provides space, a reservation can be made. The booking class is X for the Economy and I for the Business Class for restricted room ability reward tickets. The value of miles for restricted tickets for space is lower than assured tickets for space awards. Below are the steps for booking award tickets.

In the “My flights” tab, you can start the booking process by clicking on the “Tickets to the award.” Once you choose a flight for which you want to issue the award ticket, you will make your Turkish Airlines reservations. For accompanying tickets or cabin improvements please contact customer representatives. 

+1-855-936-1490 is the better toll-free number on Turkish Airlines, there are two ways to connect. According to other Turkish Airlines customers service, the next best way to talk to their customer service team is an online customer service representative. These representatives are always alert to solve the query of the customer.

The check-in counter closes for domestic flights 60 minutes before departure and international flights 75 minutes before departure.

You can cancel your flight, but the Turkish Airlines booking policy differs by different fare rules for each category of ticket. From my Flights’ section, you can find the fare rules for your ticket. Please visit our fare rules page for more additional information.

Discounts differ by the path and fare class for children aged 2-12 who can ride at their own seats. Be mindful that you need to have a certificate to check the date of birth of your child before traveling to benefit from child discounts. You can check our fare rules page for further details and contact the corporate office or one of the sales departments with the information given on the contact us page.

If you use a credit or debit card from one of our partner banks, you can pay the charge for your ticket. For information on partner banks and payment options, please visit the payment page.

The ticket buying process includes a selection of the seat. Based on the flight and ticket characteristics, the selection of seats is either free or charged. To select seats, passengers can log into the booking code (PNR) or membership number of Miles&Smiles via the check-in page.

Extraordinary events are published on the website.

You can search online for the whole trip when your journey begins with Turkish Airlines reservations and begins at a partner airline, and check-in is available at the partner airline involved.

By contacting the call center, you can cancel your check-in online.

You receive your baggage and your boarding pass after completing your ticket and the ID search at your check-in desk. Following this phase, the board screens and board with your board pass will allow you to check your boarding doors.

The cabin can be fitted with birds like parrots, canaries, and pets such as dogs and cats despite being in a separate carrier. Keep visiting the pets page for more additional information.

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