Travelocity Customer Service Phone Number for Hotel and Flight Booking
Do you need assistance for Travelocity for flight booking or hotel reservation, Dial Travelocity customer service phone number +1-855-713-0818 and get help.

Travelocity Customer Service Phone Number for Hotel and Flight Booking


Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Want to satiate your wanderlust but don’t know where to begin from? Worry not as Travelocity is here to turn your travel dream into reality. This one-stop destination has everything to satisfy your craving for travel and to pamper the travel enthusiast inside you. Whether you are searching for the luxury trips or a city break, Travelocity will arrange a wonderful trip for you. Here, you will find innumerable vacation deals and flight options that can help you in saving a lot on your travel expenses. So, what keeps you waiting now? Get your Booking today and avail all the benefits. Dial Travelocity customer service phone number for flight or hotel booking. is one of the most reliable online travel agencies in operation, which is known for offering a wide range of enticing travel deals all through the year. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Expedia and was established in the year 1996 following the joint venture agreement between Sabre Holdings and Worldview Systems Corporation. The headquarters of the agency is located at Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Apart from its mainstream travel website, it also owns few subsidiaries including, ZUJI Travel Pte Ltd., LM Travel Services Ltd., and Along with its subsidiaries, the company is able to provide amazing deals on Vacation Packages, Hotels, Cars, Flights, and Cruises.

Travelocity Customer ServiceTravelocity Customer Service

Have you been searching for a trustworthy Travelocity? Your search here, as a Travelocity agency suits you best. The good news is that Travelocity travel agency allows you to a hotel, flight, or both if need be. Interestingly the airline offers multiple ways of completing a flight reservation.

Rest easy, as this write-up will enlighten you on a few booking options at your disposal. Apart from that, you’ll be relieved to know that Travelocity allows one to select their preferred airline.

Travelers are free to try out different flight booking options. Below is a detailed summary of the Travelocity travel agency’s online booking options.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of an offline flight reservation option. The good news is that you’re free to connect with Travelocity customer service to request assistance. Here are a few offline flight booking options.

Here’s some good news, Travelocity travel agency offers cheap flights to customers. Firstly you can visit to compare flight booking charges. After that, you select the least pricey reservation for you. Usually, the first flight on the list is the least expensive.

A better option is to click the ‘ Your Next Flight Under $200’ option. You’ll be redirected, to a new web page with different types of cheap flights. Here, you’ll get a list of all the flights that the airlines are offering cheaply.

Most travelers prefer to call Travelocity customer service phone number to request help. The agent will capture a few details from you then book a cheap Travelocity reservation for you.

Usually, if you book a reservation online, you’ll have to first search for a flight. Ordinarily, you’ll have to offer relevant flight details such as;

After that, you ought to click on the ‘Search’ button. You’ll get a full list of related flights based on the flight details you provided.

Usually, the first flight is the most suitable one. Additionally, this reservation attracts the least flight booking fee.

Passengers need to fill in all the empty fields before searching for a flight. This strategy will help you get the most suitable flights for you. If you do not get a flight, you can dial the Travelocity phone number.

If you do not get any search results, it implies that the flight is unavailable. In such a case, you can connect with Travelocity customer service.

Technically different airlines have varying booking policies. Some airlines do not sell flexible date flights. If you opt to book a reservation online, you can select a ‘Flexible dates’ option when completing the booking.

Please click on ‘available options’ once you select the date. If the airline you choose allows flight changing, you can set the type of reservation you want.

If this proves hard for you, you’re free to contact Travelocity customer service for help. The good news is that customer care doesn’t charge passengers a service fee.

Carry out the below-mentioned procedure step by step and get your flight bookings done with ease. Making flight reservations with Travelocity is not a challenging task and it can be easily accomplished if you will follow the procedure step by step.

One of the best travel websites available on the internet, Travelocity is the ultimate one-stop platform to get your bookings done hassle-free. Be it the business trip or the solo adventure or the family vacation or the leisure vacations, Travelocity will arrange everything for you without costing an arm and a leg. Here, are mentioned some of the practical reasons that make Travelocity worth selecting as an option for your next travel.

Premium Customer Support

Travelocity is specialized in offering premium customer support to the travelers. It helps you in dealing with all essential issues and their numbers will remain available even at the odd hours. Connect with the Travelocity phone number at any point of time and seek prompt help. Their agents are available all the time to assist you and thus you can call them on the public holidays as well.

A World of Choice

Travelocity offers you endless options to choose from, be it flights, hotels, car rentals or vacation packages. Here, you can search over 400 airlines and more than one million properties worldwide. Find a lower price and they will match it for you. Travelocity offers the best price guarantee and assures you the affordable vacations. Contact the Travelocity customer service number for quick guidance.

In case you face any issue with your existing booking, or you are unable to use the online application to book your travel, you can avail priority customer service by calling on Travelocity phone number. Now and then, customers who made their bookings from Travelocity contact the customer service to resolve their travel related issues, which is being addressed by the top class agents without making them wait.

Upon choosing Travelocity to book your travel, you also get entitled to avail priority customer service anytime around the clock. The customer service can be contacted through email or chat. However, for immediate help to resolve your issues, we suggest you call on Travelocity customer service phone number.

Contacting the designated Travelocity customer service is very convenient and easy, as the company has made available 24/7 customer service help desk. The Customer Service team is comprised of handpicked travel advisers, who are highly skilled and possesses several years of industry experience. In the hour of need, the customers can contact helpdesk through email, chat, or call anytime and from anywhere. There are no particular timings to contact on Priceline customer service number, as the phone lines are open round the clock.

Though customers can contact the company through chat or email and wait for the expert to reply, however, the best way to avail prompt assistance is by calling on the dedicated Travelocity customer service number +1-855-713-0818 which is reachable even at odd hours and public holidays so that you don’t have struggle while making your travel plan.

1. What are the Travelocity Travel agency’s hotlines?

Technically, the agency has multiple customer care numbers. Flyers outside the US can reach customer support on 1 (855) 863-9601 to request assistance. Don’t hesitate to dial this number if you have any issues with your reservation.

Local passengers can call 855-863-9601 to speak to a live customer care agent. The fantastic news is that this number is toll-free. If you have any issues related to your luggage, you can reach Travelocity customer service at 1.855. 214.3109.

2. Why should I consider Travelocity over other travel agencies in the US?

Travelocity travel agency has been in business for over 20 years. Today the agency enjoys impressive customer ratings. Apart from that, the agency has partnered with several airlines to enable customers to fly to their dream destinations.

Travelocity travel agency is among the few airlines that offer cheap tickets and other travel deals. You’re free to fly to your dream destination for an unforgettable vacation.

Today, passengers can conveniently book a hotel or rent a car on Travelocity has partnered with many car dealers and hotels to help travelers get unprecedented discounts.

Unknown to some, the agency’s customer care representatives are available 24 hours. Therefore you can easily reach them if you need urgent assistance.

3. Does Travelocity travel agency have a live chat customer service support?

Yes, they do! Today you can chat with a customer care agent on If your issue can wait, you can rely on a virtual assistant. On the other hand, if your problem is urgent you’re free to chat with a live customer care agent. They’ll be more than ready and eager to help you out.

Alternatively, you can chat with customer service on social media. Today, the agency has pages on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. Does Travelocity offer travel deals for families?

Yes, they do! Kindly visit and scroll down to the ‘Deals Designed For You’. After that, click on the ‘Family option’ to see available deals. Families get amazing discounts on hotel bookings, car bookings, and reservations. Today you can get discounts as high as 33% on either hotel booking, reservations, or both.

5. I have no idea what Activities I can do for fun. What should I do?

Please visit to get valid suggestions on the best places to visit. Additionally, you’ll also get to get a rough idea of how much you need. Consequently, you’ll choose the most fun-filled and economical activity for you.

6. How can I download the Travelocity travel agency app?

Please visit and navigate the activities section. You’ll get the ‘Get the App’ option. The next step is to provide your phone number and click on ‘Send’ to receive the link on the phone.

Alternately you can scan the QR code to the latest version of the Travelocity app.

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