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Looking to do something besides the inevitable trekking and mountain viewing in Nepal? Check out the list of the famous Nepal tourist places you must visit. Explore ancient sites, incredible hikes, tourist attractions & rock climbing, trekking plan your Nepal trip with Exploring beings.

Top Amazing Tourist Places in Nepal – Travel Guide & Tips

Looking for a new destination and unique experiences here is best tourist places in Nepal. What are you waiting for, Let us take you to “The Himalayan Nation” or diverse country of Nepal.

Nepal is a country in South East Asia and located between China and India. Over the years, it is continuously gaining its popularity and become a hotspot destination for adventure seekers such as mountaineers and rock climbers.

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Here are the TOP 10 Tourist Places in Nepal that you should add on your travel bucket list and you should not miss! 

It is Nepal’s largest city and its capital. It offers a wide range of experiences such as exploring. Kathmandu’s renowned temples such as Swayambhu, Pashupatinath and Taleju. It is every shopper’s haven where you can buy locals goods and souvenirs.

It also serves as trekker’s hub, as it offers all kinds of gears and items that you will surely need before you go on trekking.

Besides, Kathmandu offers the best nightlife that you will ever experience. It is the home of a well-known Thamel district that every tourist must visit. It’s the city’s main nightlife area which is fill with incredible bars and pubs. The area is very alive at night where you can experience to party and drink like locals. 

Yes, there’s a lot of things you can do and places you can visit when you visit Nepal. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip now and start your unforgettable journey to the beautiful and unique country!

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It is the very first national park in Nepal and a World Heritage site at the same time. The national park established in 1973 and preserves area that is known for its biodiversity. It is the best place to witness unique and exotic animals such as One-Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Gharial Crocodile that you should see at least once in your lifetime. It is home of 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 56 species of herpetofauna, and 126 species of fish that covers an area of 93,200 hectares

It’s one of Asia’s best wildlife viewing where you can try a variety of activities such as Elephant back safari, Jeep Safari, jungle walk, and bird watching, you can also try ox cart and elephant bathing too! 

A metropolitan city and one of Nepal’s most popular destinations. It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, rafting, canoeing, and bungee jumping that is the perfect place for every extreme sports lover. It also offers spectacular and awe-stunning scenery where you can spend a great time to go sightseeing from the World Peace Pagoda, the Himalayan ranges, and lakes.


If you are looking for an easy trek, Annapurna is perfect for you! This is one of the hottest treks within the mountain ranges of central Nepal. The circuit is a 12 to 21-day route and varies between 160–230 km (100-145 mi) with an altitude of 4130 meters. This circuit is one of Nepal’s great adventure and every mountaineers and trekkers bucket list trek.

It offers captivating and natural beauty that is best for travelers who want to spend time with nature and go to a little adventure at the same time. This circuit is often tourist and fill with tourists all across the globe where you can make friends with. It is definitely a life-changing destination and one of the best treks you’ll ever experience. 


Renowned and top spot for enjoying views of the jaw-dropping Himalayas, including Mount Everest. It is a village located in central Nepal that provides scenic landscapes and idyllic scene. It is the ideal place if you want to avoid the busy bustling city and relax by thickly forested hills of pine trees while watching the sweet sunrise.

Aside from the mesmerizing view, it also offers multiple activities outdoors such as cycling, paragliding, and hiking.  Before the day ends, don’t forget to visit the Peace Pagoda for the best sunset viewing! 

If you’re looking for a historical tour, look no further and visit the ancient city of Bhaktapur. It is known as the “City of Temple” wherein you can literally see temples in every corner of the city. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and home of hundreds breathe taking and well preserved Newari Architecture.

You can also wander inside Nepal’s National Art gallery and witness the country’s rich arts and cultural scene.

Of course, who will miss the famous Durbar Square? It is once home to the royal family of Bhaktapur that is consists of four different squares which can be explored by the tourist – Taumadhi Square, Durbar Square, Pottery Square and Dattatreya.

What makes it unique is the area is literally car-free wherein everyone can walk freely and roam around in the amazing cobbled stone streets of the whole city. 

One of the holy places and the UNESCO Heritage site in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha and one of the four places of Buddhism which attracts Buddhist pilgrims and historically inclined tourists over the world. It is home to incredible temples, architectures, and one of Nepal’s off the beaten track Attraction.

Lumbini is famous for travelers who want to explore Nepal’s monasteries, who want to experience meditation and go around Lumbini’s rural terrain while cycling.

The area is well known as well to every food junkies who are interested in trying authentic and mouthwatering Lumbini street foods. There are a lot of street vendors all over the city who sells homemade local food which is a combination of Nepali and Indian food variety. 

It is the Earth’s highest mountain and the main Attraction in Nepal. It is located in the peak of the Himalayan range which is named after George Everest which is a former Surveyor General of India. Every year, thousands of visitors come and visit just to witness its massif that offers amazing and jaw-dropping views to every tourist.

Aside from its beauty, it is often visited by mountaineers all over the world just to conquer and climb its peak.It has the biggest base camp for every mountaineers and with an elevation of 8,848 m (29,029 ft).

Up for this adventure? Be physically ready and contact a professional guide! 

One of the famous pilgrimage destinations in Nepal which is a group of 5 Hindu holy lakes that is often visited by Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Panch Pokhari has a remarkable view of chain peaks called Jugal Himal, astonishing glaciers, and the Himalayan range.

Panch is also one of the trekking areas in Nepal which is suitable for beginners or non-experienced trekkers. It offers easy to moderate trails where tourists can enjoy sightseeing at the same time.

Wanna spend time with nature? You can camp here as well! It is less touristic where you can spend a relaxing and peaceful nightduring your stay. ​​

Prominent area for adventure seekers or travelers who love outdoors due to its geographical structure. Visitors can experience rock climbing, trekking, horse racing, and even mountain cycling. Other than its outdoor activities, it has great beautiful valleys and rich cultural scene existing in the area.

Many communities are living around the here where you can witness its ancient practices, tradition, and lifestyle.

But did you know that the Deepest Gorge in the world is can be found here as well? Yes, it is! Kali Gandaki Gorge is located in the upper part of mustang with an elevation of 20,546ft.

It also serves as one of the major tourist places in Nepal that is mostly visited by tourists.​

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