Why Microsoft Azure is a preferred Cloud Services than its competitors?
Market is full of public cloud platforms like AWS cloud computing, and Google Cloud Platform. But the features of Microsoft Azure are simply remarkable to avail for application growth.

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud service from technology giant Microsoft. It is a perfect cloud technology solution to build, deploy, and manage applications and services. All the data and cloud services are offered via network of Microsoft-managed data centers.  

Organizations across the globe prefer Azure platform that are looking for the cloud scalability and flexibility. It offers a multiple services and tools to help you quickly scale up or down as per the demands. Business stakeholders have liberty to access services and data from across the globe. This blog discusses some important factors related to Azure Cloud Computing to benefit during data migration and decision-making.


Introduction to Microsoft Azure Platform 

Azure is a cloud computing platform designed and maintained by Microsoft. It has a global network of managed data centers. Users have liberty to opt for and configure these services as per their organization’s requirements. 

Azure was available for users in 2010 and is regularly transforming to meet diverse customer needs. It provides different set of tools for developing and managing applications. 

Reasons to Choose Microsoft Azure Platform


1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

Azure offers IaaS services. This helps business enterprises to simply outsource their infrastructure and make payment of availed services. Team of Azure cloud development from the Microsoft can help enterprises to leverage Azure IaaS. This will help to build enterprise apps on the cloud for desired business outcome.


2. Advance Security Offerings 

Azure has been designed on the Security Development Life cycle. This involves security at its core and additional private services to stay safe and secure. Microsoft Azure adhere to the best compliance coverage and is the most trusted cloud platform. In addition, new international standard for Cloud privacy are also followed by Azure. Every business application is completely safe in executing their operations on the Azure Cloud.


3. Unique & Calculative Strategy 

Another major reason behind Azure popularity in comparison to Google cloud platform services is through its unique strategy and calculative approach. It offers businesses a wide range of tools and services to build and deploy applications. Once app is deployed it even have proper support to manage applications. Azure offers a wide array of quality services in terms of computing, analytic, storage, and networking. In addition, support is offered for multiple technologies, programming languages, and databases.


Advantages of migrating to the Azure cloud platform 

There are countless benefits of investing in the Azure cloud platform, some of the major ones: 

l Azure has feature to easily scale an application as per the demand. User need to pay only for the resources used.  

l Azure has a vast network of data centers designed with different layers of redundancy. This helps an application to stay up and running.

l Azure is compatible with most of the operating systems, and technology suite. You can simply select the technology that meet your business needs.

l Azure offers multiple security measures in place to secure your data and applications, consisting of encryption, identity, and access management.

l Azure offers different pricing options as per the business requirements. It offers pay-as-you-go and subscription-based pricing structure. You can choose the option as per your budget and organization operational needs.

l If you are looking for a cloud hosting providers, Azure can be a perfect choice because of its streamlined collaboration with other Microsoft products.


Wrapping Up


Market is full of public cloud platforms like AWS cloud computing, and Google Cloud Platform. But the features of Microsoft Azure are simply remarkable to avail for application growth. The updates from Azure on regular basis makes it a perfect cloud platform in the market place.