the Benefits of a React Native
In the last few years, React native has become the de facto choice for creating scalable web and mobile solutions. It is possible to create web and mobile user interfaces using JavaScript using both o

What are the Benefits of a React Native for start

The world's top startups are built on React Native: Airbnb, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Discord, Walmart, Uber Eats, Discovery VR, Wix, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, Myntra, Soundcloud Pulse, Huiseoul, Pinterest, Adidas, GLITCH, Skype, Tesla, Whym, WalkSafe, and Shine. A number of tools, documentation, and resources are available to assist you in getting started. There were other companies on the same path as these. In order to complete the task, they used a combination of technologies, frameworks, and other resources. There is a vibrant ecosystem, a racy platform, and an efficient quality of apps. Since the need to have a single code for multiple platforms emerged, cost-effectiveness became more important.