5 Top AngularJS Applications That You Must Refer to Before Developing
So, here in this blog, we will be talking about the five best AngularJS applications that have made the dominant place in the marketplace.

Deciding which particular technology is best for your business is a matter of a great deal of research and comparison. Apart from these two factors, you also need to look at the popular and top-notch business applications built on a particular technology. Concerning the same, if you can have a clear look at the top-notch applications of AngularJS front-end development framework before creating one for your business?


So, here in this blog, we will be talking about the five best AngularJS applications that have made the dominant place in the marketplace. And it will help you connect with a reliable front-end development company to get started with real-time development.


But before we get started, let's have a brief introduction to the AngularJS framework.


AngularJS is a front-end development framework that helps develop dynamic and fully customized user interfaces of a web application. For engaging more and more audiences via an intuitive UI, AngularJS developers create versatile webpages, and that too by using HTML and further extending its syntax level. Being an open-source framework, AngularJS is easily accessible for businesses along with the flexibility to hire a front-end developer to create a customized and engaging web application.


Refer to the top five AngularJS web applications


Industries belonging to different sectors have already relied upon the AngularJS framework for successfully creating a dynamic web application. Be it retail, finance, eCommerce, banking, or any other sector, several enterprises have adopted the well-functioning AngularJS framework for the creation of engaging web applications. So, here you can have a close look at the top five ones for reference.


1. Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank does not require any introduction as it is one of the elite international banks that have globe set of customers worldwide. And the web application of this leading bank is made on the Angular 10+ framework that has a wide customer base all across the globe. Under the functionality of this particular web application, respective developers have implemented a robust API integrations program that helps in maintaining seamless financial transactions. 


2. Upwork


Upwork is another popular web application that is meant for providing globalized business outsourcing projects. Already built on the Angular framework, this platform is meant for its intuitive and engaging interface that allows enterprises all across the globe to hire outsourcing partners with ease & comfort. 


3. IBM


One of the popular and extensively adapted tech organizations, IBM is a notable partner that deals in offering end-to-end software, hardware, and middleware support to business organizations all across the globe. Over the past 27 years, IBM has established its dominant position in the tech marketplace for supporting enterprises and performing dynamic roles in the industry. To build an enhanced level of trust factor among enterprises, IBM has its platform built on the AngularJS framework that allows the clients to best understand their service offerings. 


4. PayPal


Everyone who knows anything about digital payment and seamless transactions is aware of the leading PayPal platform. For a seamless money transfer and to make payments wide across the globe, the PayPal platform was created with no having an approximate user base of 305 million clients dispersed across the globe. One of the key reasons for the widespread adaptability of this payment platform is owing to its engaging UI and easy-to-understand features that allow users to make and receive payments in a hassle-free manner. 


5. Samsung 


The South Korean electronic device manufacturing brand Samsung also does not require any introduction. It specifically deals with offering hardware support to business organizations along with the general public. The brand offers a wide range of products offline but its digital presence is also popular and fully made on the Angular 9+ platform.


Concluding Thoughts 


Not just the above five but several other top-notch AngularJS applications are available in the digital ecosystem allowing enterprises to make a huge profit. Similarly, you can rely on AngularJS development company support for the end-to-end front-end development of web applications. Concerning the same, get in touch with quality professionals available at AngularJS India, and that too without going anywhere else.