5 Deterring IT Staff Augmentation Challenges and Solutions
If you are thinking out loud about IT staff augmentation services, you must be aware of the perks I am talking about. So, let’s check out some challenges associated with IT staff augmentation services, and how you can deal with them. So, let’s get started.

In the current arena, having an expert team of IT professionals has become crucial for any business to successfully beat the competition. From an eCommerce store to an on-demand mobile app development, everything needs a team of expert developers.  

Thus, most companies prefer affordable IT staffing services allowing them to get the required resource within their budget for both the long & short term. One such service is IT staff augmentation allowing them to find the desired resource immediately.  

If you are thinking out loud about IT staff augmentation services, you must be aware of the perks I am talking about. However, it also comes with a few challenges that you can deal with strategic & damage controlling actions.  

So, let’s check out some challenges associated with IT staff augmentation services, and how you can deal with them. So, let’s get started.

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#1. Communication Issues  

Communication is the major issue faced by most companies while outsourcing their project development to managed service. Actually, South and East Asia have the most cost-effective task force. However, frequent communication in English is a major barrier faced by many.  

As the people of these countries aren’t greatly well-versed in explaining/understanding requirements in English. This can lead to mismatched exceptions or dissatisfaction.  

How to handle?

Creating a solid program is the best way to overcome this issue. So, make sure to establish a seamless communication channel and commit time to respond to emails & phone calls. Also, make sure to test their language skill before hiring.   

#2. Finding The Right Skill set

When it comes to IT staff augmentation services, one of the most important steps is identifying the right skills needed for a successful project. In order to do this, you’ll need to understand the technical requirements of the project and the specific skill set that would be beneficial in completing the project.  

How To Handle?

Identifying the right skills for a project can be tricky. The best way to ensure that you have the right skills for the job is by consulting with an IT staffing agency. They can provide insight into what skills are needed for a particular project and help you find people with those skills.  

Another way to ensure that you have the right skills on board is by being open to onboarding remote employees. By considering remote workers, you can increase your talent pool and tap into a range of skill sets and experience levels. 

#3. Mismatched Expectation  

One of the most common IT staff augmentation challenges is mismatched expectations. This happens when the business and the contractor have a different understanding of the project scope, timeline, and deliverables. It can lead to delays in project completion and in some cases, even failure.

How To Handle?

To avoid this problem, it is important for both parties to clearly define the scope and expectations at the beginning of the project. This includes the scope of the project, any special requirements, timeline, and deliverables.  

Having this information documented will help ensure that both parties are on the same page and that there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication down the line. It is also important to discuss any changes or modifications to the project along the way, to make sure that all parties are still in agreement. 

#4. Managing Quality Control  

Maintaining quality control is a major aspect of distress with both staff augmentation and IT outsourcing services for every business owner. After all, you’re bringing in third-party resources to assist with your project, and it’s important to ensure they’re delivering the best possible results.  

This challenge can be especially difficult if you’re augmenting an existing team of in-house professionals.

How to handle?

To ensure that quality control is maintained when it comes to IT staff augmentation, make sure    

·  Set Clear Expectations

·  Define Metrics for Quality Measurement

·  Monitor Performance Regularly

·  Utilize Automated Quality Assurance Tools

By following these tips, you can make sure that quality control is maintained during your IT staff augmentation project. With a clear understanding of the expectations and an effective plan in place, you can ensure that the project meets its objectives and delivers the desired results. 

#5. Lack Of Institutional Knowledge  

When you hire new staff through an IT staff augmentation service, they may not have the same level of institutional knowledge as those who have been working with your organization for a long time. Without any context, the new staff may struggle to hit the ground running and be less efficient.  

How To Handle?

To avoid this, you should establish a clear onboarding process and make sure that everyone is aware of company policies, procedures, and expectations. Additionally, provide training sessions for all new staff members to ensure that they have the  necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively.  

Finally, set up regular check-ins to help new staff members become more familiar with your organization and its practices. 

Wrapping Up

IT staff augmentation can be a challenging process for any organization, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. With the right planning and resources, it can be an extremely beneficial and cost-effective way to grow your team and help your business reach its full potential.