Magento Vs Shopify Choose The Best eCommerce Platform For Business
If you wish to succeed in the digital space by accessing a top-notch eCommerce platform, then avail services of a reliable Magento development company like Magento India. And get started on the same with ease.

The eCommerce business is reaching its tremendous height. And it is happening due to an increasing inclination towards online shopping for ensuring ease & comfort. At present, there are more than 1900+ eCommerce companies running at different scales. Also, more retail partners are thinking to transform their business online.


While doing so, one thing that most product-based companies look forward to is finding the best eCommerce platform. That's the first thing that companies look towards before starting an online business. Concerning the same, Magento and Shopify are two big yet extensively popular names that you must have heard here and there. And regarding the same, we are here to showcase Magento vs Shopify differences based on the following few key points.


· eCommerce platform popularity

· User-friendly appeal

· Basic online platform features 

· Marketing, SEO, & related functionalities 

· Security prowess of the platform 


Know the difference between Magento & Shopify platform


Selecting an appropriate eCommerce platform is a matter of great relevance. Because it is the place where you have the flexibility to add offered products, manage inventory, receive orders, and ship the same.


In short, an eCommerce platform host all the relevant functionalities that allow you to transform your business seamlessly. And start selling eCommerce products in a hassle-free manner.


That's why we are here to make the difference between two of the biggest eCommerce platforms. It will help you decide whether to go for Shopify or Magento eCommerce store development services from a reliable partner.


Ecommerce platform popularity 


· Magento: Established way back in 2008, Magento has been one of the popular eCommerce platforms that power more than 167,000 online retail stores. It covers the total marketplace of 0.9% and helps small, medium to large scale enterprises to seamlessly run their eCommerce stores.

· Shopify: Yet another eCommerce platform that accounts for 4.1 million websites running on the same. Shopify has garnered the attention of enterprises due to being a trusted B2C and B2B eCommerce platform allowing enterprises to create their digital presence with ease.

Comparing the Magento vs Shopify eCommerce platforms based on the popularity quotient, Magento offers the benefit of one-size-fits-all to a distinctive line of enterprises.


User-friendly appeal


It is relevant to select an eCommerce site that is simple to use and that too without requiring much technical knowledge. This factor matters the most if you are a beginner or just started building an online retail store. A platform that is easy to use offers flexible usage options to the enterprise and allows them to create seamless functionalities with ease.


In terms of user-friendly, the coding of the platform matters the most. For instance, Magento is an open-source platform. It allows businesses to change the source code of the platform as per their customization level. On the other side, the Shopify code remains the same. You cannot modify its source code as per your preference.


Comparing the two based on user-friendly features, once again Magento leads the way. It allows the enterprises and the staff having the least technical knowledge to easily manage the platform.


Basic online platform features 


Both Magento and Shopify have a rich set of features that you should be aware of. And ultimately helps you select an ideal platform of your choice.


· Add-ons & apps: When it comes to the Magento platform, offers more than 500+ add-ons extensions including both free and paid ones are available. On the other hand, Shopify only offers 100 ad-on and extensions. So, based on this consideration, again Magento platform stays ahead of Shopify with no hassle at all. 

· Multi-lingual support: Having multi-lingual support has of imperative importance to make your profile goes global and widely accessible. In that respect, Magento and Shopify offer the same level of multi-lingual support with no hassle at all. 

· Themes & templates: Both platforms offer well-integrated and equipped themes and distinctive templates to catch the user's attention at a glance. However, Magento themes are much better, appealing, and attractive to the eyes of onlookers. 


Marketing, SEO, & related functionalities 


With the right marketing capabilities, you will get the flexibility to offer your products to a large scale of customers and appear on the top. Related to the same, it is essential to choose between Magento & Shopify based on marketing features and SEO capabilities.


Generally, both eCommerce platforms offer an extended set of marketing capabilities and functionalities to increase ranking and enhance your product showcase. You can do end-to-end online marketing on social media or any other platform by accessing either Magento or Shopify. Even in terms of SEO, Magento has an upper hand due to having in-built capabilities. Whereas, you need to add SEO features on Shopify as per your usage factor.


Security prowess of the platform


The eCommerce platform security is one of the crucial factors to take into consideration before getting started. As you already know that the internet is filled with hackers and fraudsters that can leverage your platform's crucial information and use it of their own accord. Therefore, it is of essential matter to select a secure and protective eCommerce platform.


Based on this factor, both Shopify and Magento offer PCI-DSS compliant to keep your website fully protected. You can rely on this security feature to safeguard your business information, customer, and product details with ease.


Concluding Thoughts


Both Magento and Shopify eCommerce platforms are profitable ways to transform your product-based business online and ensure future success ahead. Magento has an edge over Shopify in terms of security, marketing capabilities, user-friendliness, and other relevant features. Therefore, if you wish to succeed in the digital space by accessing a top-notch eCommerce platform, then avail services of a reliable Magento development company like Magento India. And get started on the same with ease.