How IT Staff Augmentation Services Benefit Tech Startups
IT staff augmentation is a beneficial approach for tech startups to stay within the budget for hiring required technical resources. 

Are running a startup organization? If yes, then there is no doubt, that you have invested a great deal of time, effort, and mind in growing your company.


And still doing the same. Isn't it?


Well, after a certain level of establishment every startup comes across crossroads of scaling up operations or staying within the limit.


If you go by the market trend and your personal opinion, then scaling up is the only option to grow further. But how would you do that? It might be cumbersome to add more permanent members to your existing team to enhance operations, capability, and productivity. It is due to limited budget stature. That does not mean you cannot scale up.


Extend your business capabilities by relying on IT staff augmentation services to bring experienced team members externally and cost-effectively. Not just startups, but established enterprises count on the augmented staff to help in the existing project for a short period and speed up the deployment process.


As a tech enterprise, you cannot afford to build an entire development team right from the scratch due to the limited budget factor. Therefore, the solution lies with hiring augmented staff members for a particular project and paying on a task basis. In this blog, we discuss how your tech startup can get several benefits from staff augmentation services to grow further.



What does staff augmentation mean?


IT staff augmentation is a cost-effective practice of hiring external technical resources to supplement in-house staff. Instead of hiring permanent members for a short-term project, augmented staff provides real-time assistance for a particular duration. It is a beneficial way to scale up your programming team by hiring the desired choices of talent.


Moreover, augmentation is the exact opposite of IT outsourcing services that allow companies to outsource the complete development project.


In a simplified way, a staff augmentation company helps you hire the desired resources based on the following few conditions.


· Hire talent for a short-term duration

· Pay on a project basis

· Scale up and down the team accordingly

· An affordable way to hire resources temporarily

· Hire experienced professionals to seek better knowledge

· Build up your team both internally and externally

· Speed up the software development process


How do staff augmentation services benefit your tech startup?


Staff augmentation is not something new. It has become a constant practice for organizations to hire on-demand technical resources at the last minute. Even when it comes to tech startups that have limited budget factors and an inner urge to grow more can make the best out of staff augmentation services.


· Reduce overall cost of hiring: It is true with startups do not have enough funds to hire full-fledged developers, testers, designers, and other professionals. Budget is the major constraint for newly established startups during the initial phase. Still, startups need to develop a high-quality product with the assistance of required professionals. So, there is where staff augmentation comes to the aid of companies to hire temporary resources for priority projects, and that too at comparatively less cost.

· Scale up and down accordingly: With staff augmentation, make an agreement with the desired technical resources to work for the asked duration. Once the development is complete, then resources are free to go. This type of outsourcing provides the flexibility to scale up and down the team accordingly as per the work requirement.

· Get access to experienced talent: Hiring a fresher or a senior experienced development professional depends on the work requirement. With IT contract staffing, you can get both without spending much. This external hiring resource allows you to hire resource that has worked on similar projects in your industry. Thus, such professionals ensure quality and specific knowledge to share with your existing team to improve the overall development process.

· Focus on imperative business objectives: When you have experienced technical professionals hired for a particular project. There is more flexibility on your part to focus on key business goals. This outsourcing model allows you have more control over the development process without being involved in all the technical aspects. Therefore, you can drive your efforts towards other enterprise areas like developing client relations, adding more customers, and like. While the internal and external development team takes care of the software work responsibilities.



Steps to successfully implement IT staff augmentation


To get started with hiring external technical resources temporarily, you need to connect with OrangeMantra, a leading staff augmentation company. Working with this technology partner means meeting your project requirements, fulfilling development needs, and hiring a specialist for the project. The success of augmenting staff with this partner majority relies on the following factors.


· Verified profiles of potential technical resources.

· Established parameters of the project.

· Defining boundaries of each augmented member.

· Proper estimation of your IT staff augmentation requirements.


So, discuss your software development requirements and hire temporary technical members in a hassle-free manner.