Emerging Skills To Source Through IT Staff Augmentation Service Model
Staff augmentation in tech companies has moved beyond just hiring technical resources. It is more in terms of engaging emerging tech experts within the organization to ensure project success.

IT staff augmentation is one of the fastest-growing resource hiring models in the digital eco-space. A cost-effective, direct, and easy-to-source talent-hiring model allows companies to save on operational and resource allocation expenditures.


Undoubtedly, hiring resources for a limited duration through a staff augmentation model is becoming increasingly popular and highly adaptive. Concerning the same, more and more enterprises are looking forward to hiring developers, designers, QA engineers, and marketing specialists for a particular project with ease.


Regarding the same, there is a growing demand among enterprises to hire emerging skillset individuals through the resource augmentation model. And here in this blog, you will come across technical experts proficient in result-oriented technology like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and more.



1. Hire Cloud Computing Experts


Cloud Computing is not something that is new. But keeps on expanding with the passage of time. It is due to the increasing reliability of digitally accessible networks, storage, databases, platforms, software, and other components. Especially after the pandemic, several organizations understood the relative importance of going digital. And Cloud Computing offers reliable support in running the organizational IT infrastructure online and without spending much.


With the help of Cloud Computing technology, there is no such need to invest heavily in internal IT infrastructure, storage systems, spending much on platform development, and more. This particular technology offers all digital assets at a low-cost subscription and allows you to run operations from any location. And that is the reason, the growing trend of remote working has expanded all across the globe. Because Cloud Computing provides all the IT-related resources to employees and allows them access to emails, software, platforms, etc.


Now to implement the virtues of result-oriented Cloud technology, you can hire a full-time technical expert or rely on a cost-effective augmented staff member. Specifically for a limited project, it better is to augment the staff member within your particular budget and acquire services for a definite timeline.


1. Engage AI & ML Professionals



The entire world is changing and connecting with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Both technologies have become the flag bearers for enterprises to analyze, predict, produce, and promote products/services seamlessly. These technologies help in better understanding the requirement of customers, offering them personalized services, improving retention rate, and ultimately increasing revenue.




Specifically, AI is implemented within the platforms and software to provide a self-service approach to users along with personalized suggestions. It helps in maximizing the customer experience and enriching the trust factor towards the organization. On the other side, Machine Learning technology is helping organizations to collect, process, and learn from the data to procure substantial results. After that this data can be utilized to offer better products/services to customers and increase overall sales patterns.


Now to bring effective functioning, customer requirement prediction, and enable data analysis approach, hire particular tech experts from the IT staff augmentation model. Resource augmentation companies like OrangeMantra will help you hire dedicated tech experts, mainly in the AI/ML field to best meet your enterprise objective with ease.



Key benefits of relying on staff augmentation services


Hiring technical specialists for development, Blockchain implementation, or for any other assistance through the staff augmentation model is beneficial in the following ways.


· Cost-effective hiring model: Compared to any other software development outsourcing model, augmentation saves your cost at distinctive levels. First, you can hire technical resources for a limited period as per the strategic timeline of the project. Doing this enables you to spend less on recruitment tasks within the organization. Secondly, you further save the cost of training the staff members because augmented team members 

· Better control over resources: With having the augmented staff members within the organization, you can have better control over the resources. Unlike outsourcing the entire project to an external organization, you can align technical members as part of your existing team. Accordingly, assign them tasks and manage their performance with no hassle at all. 

· Enable hiring flexibility: With staff augmentation services, you will experience a great deal of flexibility to hire resources accordingly. As already mentioned, you can best engage technical members for a limited duration, and that too as part of your team. Also, scale up and down according to your resource and project-level requirement with ease. 

· Find the demanding skills: Another major benefit of relying on IT staff augmentation services is hiring talent as per the requirement and on-demand basis. Specifically for your particular project, hire any technical member having the required experience and professional skills to meet your needs.



Staff augmentation in tech companies has moved beyond just hiring technical resources. It is more in terms of engaging emerging tech experts within the organization to ensure project success. Flexible technical staff will provide you with the capabilities to add innovation to the project cost-effectively. Therefore, rely on the augmentation expertise of OrangeMantra to hire particular resources with ease.