menu Clone Script – Black Friday Offer upto 30% off clone script is the production-ready crypto exchange source code that’s equipped with all the functional elements & features of We at Hivelance have made this clone script as the white label solution that can fit in the modern technology stack.

Launch your own Crypto Exchange Trading Platform Like clone script clone script is a production-ready crypto exchange source code that includes all of's functional elements and features. The code architecture is divided into modules such as user interface, payment gateways, wallet management system, trading system, content management system, and others.

Entrepreneurs can obtain this clone script, then customize the feature set to their liking and launch a web3-powered cryptocurrency exchange like

How to create a crypto Exchange like

If you are an aspiring crypto enthusiast looking to build a cryptocurrency exchange similar to but on different principles, you have come to the right place. Hivelance created this clone script as a white-label solution that can be integrated into any modern technology stack.

This script is designed in a scalable format, so developers will never have to rewrite the code. Meanwhile, you can completely customise the platform based on your branding needs.

Features of Clone Script

1. Trading modules offers a variety of trading modules to facilitate the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Users can choose between OTC trading, margin trading, future trading, and spot trading. Our clone script includes all of the user-centric modules you must have.

2. Staking

Staking, aside from trading/exchanging, is a modern investment strategy used by millions of people. Payout distribution, interest rate fixing, rewards monitoring, withdrawal staking, and on-chain/off-chain staking are all handcrafted functions within our clone script.

3. Lending

Lending is a defi protocol that allows traders to obtain crypto loans for a set period of time. It increases their trust in diversifying their digital assets. You can borrow cryptocurrency from any exchange and invest in any defi application.

4. Administrative panel

The exchange's entire operation is managed by the backend administrative panel. The admin panel is responsible for managing website content, user accounts, responding to customer support tickets, funds management in a cold wallet or hot wallet, coin listing/removal, and order book history maintenance.

5. Wallet support

The crypto exchange app should be capable of gaining access to user funds via third-party crypto wallets. Millions of transactions should be handled without interruption by the exchange. We created a clone script that can support any cryptocurrency wallet, regardless of its user base.

6. Payment gateway

Crypto wallets are not the only way to get into the crypto investment steam. Millions of transactions are still carried out daily via fiat/card transfers. Our clone allows you to instantly link banking transfers and card transfers within the exchange system.

7. User-oriented tools

Our clone script includes user tools such as trading bots, price charts, new coin alerts, and crypto news. You can plug and play the various toolset as needed. In the future, exchange owners will be able to upgrade any new tools.

8. Order book management

The primary responsibility of exchange operators is order book management. We created a dedicated API that automatically imports the liquidity of crypto pairs, order history, and trading/exchange data from third-party exchanges. The internal trading engine facilitates order approval and buy/sell matching.

9. Content management system

Our clone has an easy-to-use content management system, similar to WordPress, that allows you to easily manage the platform's content. In banner images, sliders, and tutorial parts, there is a dedicated field for making changes.


Why Is The White Label Clone Script So Popular In The Crypto Exchange Sector?

Our exchange clone was built with cutting-edge technology and includes superior white-label solutions. Our cutting-edge clone was designed specifically for cryptocurrency start-ups and business owners looking to build a rapidly growing cryptocurrency trading platform similar to You can change any desired features, themes, styles, or other aspects to best suit your proposals because our software is adaptable. Our white-label clone script includes a stunning user interface and an impressive API. Moreover, our script has advanced security features to prevent fraud on your exchange platform. 

Why Hivelance for clone script?

Hivelance, as an active player in the Fintech industry, has extensive experience in providing such crypto exchange clone scripts at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we provide our clients with additional technical support to ensure the exchange's long-term viability.

We have been named one of the top blockchain development companies in 2022 by Goodfirms. The project development approach is well-structured and driven by milestones that are divided into sections. Our security protocols are long-lasting and completely immune to vulnerabilities.


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