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Top BBA College in Hyderabad, Telangana. If you are looking for a Top Ranked BBA College in India then Woxsen University is the right destination for you.

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Learn the many facets of effective business management. Embark on a path leading to in-demand careers in global business.


For those who have their passion set in business, in a leading corporate or as an entrepreneur, a degree in BBA from Woxsen University, will lead the way. In a very short period of time Woxsen University has achieved the status of - best university for BBA in Hyderabad and has ranked All India Rank-2 Top Emerging BBA College in India by Outlook. If you are looking for a Top Ranked BBA College in Hyderabad then Woxsen University is the right destination for you.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), will open the enthralling world of business to students, while giving them a larger perspective on the works of it. The degree will empower students to shape their passion into a career, by providing a solid foundation in management & administration and allowing them to choose an area of interest aligned to their career goals.

If you are any of these and more…

  • - You want to develop your business acumen & master all the facets of business from strategy to execution

  • - You want to learn & possess 21st century skills to compete successfully in a global business environment

  • - You have a business mindset and want an early start to a career in management

  • - You dream of becoming a star entrepreneur


Completed 12th Grade or 10+2 in any discipline, from a recognized board, with minimum 50% aggregate.

Admission Process
The Admission process at Woxsen is quite structured and comprehensive since every student is evaluated basis their Composite Score, as mentioned below.

  • STEP 1: Appear for the Online Entrance Test – WAT (Woxsen Aptitude Test)

  • STEP 2: Schedule and complete your Psychometric Test

  • STEP 3: Tell us, who you are in the Personal Interview Round


International Applicants may check the eligibility at


The paradigm shift that globalization, modernization and unprecedented technological advances have brought in the way we work, new jobs are replacing the conventional ones. BBA is a professional degree awarded by Woxsen University covering the entire spectrum of new-age specializations, to best suit the accelerating changes in today’s business world.

To tally with the 21st century skills disrupting the present-day job market, the need-of-the-hour specializations offered at Woxsen make our graduates bullish in industry relevance, competitiveness and job-readiness.

The dynamic world of 21st century business is as disruptive as it is accessible. The unrelenting innovation and technological advancements are commanding over the realms of businesses & industries. The anticipated industrial revolution will see more of man and machine coming together and improving the efficiency of manufacturing & production. This means that the business world is bound to go through remarkable changes and is asking for different type of leadership, that embraces reality.

The General BBA program will reiterate the broader perspective of business. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the four core areas of business management which are Marketing, Finance, HR & Operations.

Program Highlights

  • Right mix of theory & practical concepts from top notch faculty

  • Internships | Case Studies | Group Assignments

  • Opportunity to register for the Trade Tower Program

  • #Unicorn Calling: Learn & Network with some of the leading Entrepreneurs

  • Woxsen Leadership Series: Learn & Network with some of the visionary leaders

Learning Outcome

  • Learn the fundamentals of business planning, strategy and execution

  • Develop knowledge, skills and ability needed to meet the new age requirements of global business environment

  • Learn the nuances of each functional domain, the fundamental concepts, theory of business practice and its application in various business scenarios

  • Develop sound business acumen, hone your marketing skills, financial management, run operations & understand the importance of human resource development

  • Develop the ability to think critically, analyse problems quantitatively & provide relevant solutions

  • Understand the financial management & learn the various aspects of fund sourcing to fuel business growth

  • Develop your written & verbal skills as you represent your business at national & international platforms

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What Are My Career Opportunities?


  • Business Strategist

  • Marketing Manager

  • Marcom/ Trade Marketing


  • Investment Banker

  • Financial Analyst

  • Relationship Manager

    HR & Operations

    • HR Manager

    • L&D Manager

    • Operations & Logistics Manager Supply Chain Manager

    Smartphone led data penetration has opened host of opportunities for even conventional businesses. Every business wants to leverage digital marketing tools to promote their business agnostic of their category & size. The Indian E-Commerce space has witnessed lot of excitement over the last decade giving birth to quite a few unicorns like Flipkart, Paytm, Swiggy, Oyo, Ola & others. With the growth of online payment gateway market & mobile wallet, the E-Commerce market is all set to hit USD 200 Billion mark by 2026.

    BBA in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing will help you grasp the much needed skills to create, manage & operate any online business. This program will equip you with the various digital marketing tools & principles used to deliver effective social media campaigns and enable an understanding the various levers available online to promote any business category.

    Program Highlights

    • Right mix of theory & practical concepts from top notch faculty

    • Internships | Case Studies | Group Assignments

    • Opportunity to register for the Trade Tower Program

    • Woxsen Leadership Series: Learn & Network with some of the visionary leaders

    • Capstone Project

    Learning Outcome

    • Understand the various levers & tools available to promote your business online

    • Gain knowledge on planning, budgeting and developing an E-Commerce platform for business growth

    • In-depth knowledge about the various Website development strategies

    • Understand the various different digital marketing channels, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM and content creation strategies.

    • Learn to use various marketing tools offered by Google

    • Gain thorough knowledge & application of latest programming languages like R, Python etc.

    • Develop an expertise to deploy an integrated Digital Marketing & Communication strategy & budgetary planning

    Download Detailed Program Outline

    What Are My Career Opportunities?

    • E-Business Expertt

    • Account Manager

    • Social Media Manager

    • Customer Relations Manager

    • SEO Professional

    • Business Analyst

    • Content Manager

    • Project Manager

    • Digital Marketing

    Every business churns out huge amount of data on daily basis but data in itself is merely facts and figures. Data analysis helps organizations harness their data to understand business problems, and also use it to identify new opportunities for growth leading to smarter decision making. Artificial Intelligence can further help draw insights from complex data sets and is particularly relevant across industries & functions.

    BBA in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence is designed to help learners acquire latest knowledge and skills in emerging technologies like Data Science, Visualization, Management reporting etc. This program will help you understand how AI driven businesses can deliver efficient & effective business results, analyse, forecast & power business value with the use of Data Science.

    Program Highlights

    • Applied learning using the latest Software & tools

    • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab

    • Internships | Cases Studies | Group Assignments

    • Woxsen Leadership Series: Learn & Network with some of the visionary leaders

    • Capstone Project

    Learning Outcome

    • Understand how Data Analytics can help you make smarter business decisions

    • Learn Data or a real life dataset and apply machine learning techniques

    • Application and use cases of AI & ML in varied business scenarios across industries

    • Learn the fundamentals of Deep learning and reinforcement learning

    • Understand Predictive analytical models & their application in business scenarios

    • Gain thorough knowledge & application of latest programming languages like R, Python etc.

    Download Detailed Program Outline

    What Are My Career Opportunities?

    • Data Scientist

    • Data Business Analyst

    • Machine Learning Engineer

    • Quantitative Analyst

    • Big Data Analyst

    • Database Administrator

    • Retail Sales Analyst

    • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

    Entrepreneurs help spur economic growth, contribute towards innovation, expand sectors & bring social change. This program aims at developing knowledge, skills & ability of the individuals who want to start or expand their business. This program will harness your entrepreneurial mindset & transform you to an entrepreneur capable of donning multiple hats as you build your enterprise and scale new heights.

    Program Highlights

    • Live the Life of an entrepreneur as you take a close peek into all the functions of management like Marketing, Finance, Operations & HR

    • Get an opportunity to interact with the Visionary leaders through our unique platforms like #Unicorn Calling, My First Billion Series

    • Learn how to make a Shark Tank pitch to the Investors with the help of Woxsen’s Trade Tower

    Learning Outcome

    • Understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business & its core functions

    • Understand the various aspects of entrepreneurship in a global context

    • Identify business opportunities and create business plan

    • Develop the ability to manage short term & long term objectives for future business expansion

    • Develop the ability to leverage data analytics for smart business decisions

    • Understand the financial modelling & learn the aspects of funding through the various stages of business growth

    • Gain an understanding on the various business laws and other statutory requirements for running the Business

    • Develop your written & verbal skills as you represent your business at national & international platforms

    Download Detailed Program Outline

    What Are My Career Opportunities?

    • Business Owner (Family Business/ Start-up)

    • Business Consultant

    • New Venture Developer

    • Global Business Manager

    Financial Services Sector is the primary driver of a nation's economy. It provides free flow of capital and liquidity in the marketplace. The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry is poised for an exponential growth with the potential to become the third largest banking industry in the world by 2025 according to KPMG-CII report.

    Today, we’re witnessing pioneering trends in banking and finance – from omnichannel banking to AI and Blockchain-powered financial services – that focus on revolutionizing BFSI processes by placing customers at the heart of their present and future strategies.

    Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Services will empower you with in-depth knowledge of Financial Services and Insurance Sector. The program covers modules like security analysis, capital & derivatives markets, financial management, risk management and more which will equip student with the required skillset to deal with financial challenges faced by any industry, sector or client.

    Program Highlights

    • Right mix of theory & practical concepts from top notch faculty

    • International student exchange with leading global universities

    • Internships | Case Studies | Group Assignments

    • Opportunity to register for the Trade Tower Program

    • Capstone Project

    Learning Outcomes

    • Exhibit a broader understanding of the various types of financial services like banking service, investment services, insurance services, tax and accounting services and more.

    • Exhibit deeper understanding of the role of financial management in business firms analytical ability to develop and utilize accounting data, financial data, and other information to solve complex business problems

    • Develop an in-depth understanding of financial markets and institutions and their roles in businesses and how it impacts GDP and global economy.

    • Demonstrate understanding in technical analysis of past market data, primarily price and volume to forecasting price movements through applied learning and unique pedagogical methods of Woxsen.

    Download Detailed Program Outline

    What Are My Career Opportunities?

    • Investment Banker

    • Portfolio Management

    • Investment Analyst

    • Capital Advisor Analyst

    • Finance and accounting Analyst

    • Budget Analyst

    Making an early career choice has accelerated the shift amongst focused management aspirants to pursue integrated BBA + MBA degree. One of the best combinations for a management career, the integrated program offers the opportunity to align higher education to long-term career goals with an array of specializations to choose right at the UG level. The advantage also lies in fact that by BBA course completion, students would have already developed their area of interests and can work towards acquiring advance skills at the MBA level.

    Woxsen's 5 Year BBA + MBA (Integrated) program is designed with new-age specializations at both the levels, like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence amongst other topics. The program offers a world-class academic rigour with a highly industry-oriented curriculum and practice-based learning, preparing students for the contemporary business environment. The program instils strong business acumen and inculcates entrepreneurial abilities, providing a robust platform to launch careers with specialized skill sets in the domain of their choice.


    Unique Curriculum Design
    Keeping focus on applied learning, the curriculum of Woxsen’s BBA is meticulously designed through research and inputs from leading academicians & industry experts. To foster applied learning through direct application of skills, theories and models; students undergo 2 internships, strategically placed in 2nd Year & Final Year.

    Experiential Learning
    Committed to academic excellence, Woxsen’s BBA is pivoted on Theory and Experiential Learning. It allows students to immerse into a versatile learning experience stimulated with case studies, live projects, problem-solving projects, industry interactions, internship & more. Designed to help the learners develop refined business KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Ability), the degree program strengthens their basics in principles, ethics, law & practices.

    Maximum Career Impact
    Woxsen’s BBA takes a holistic approach in moulding students into well-rounded management professionals. In addition to building student’s knowledge base, our focus areas include honing their thinking abilities, leadership & life skills. Through well-structured models like career coach & skill development workshops, we intend to promote other aspects of students’ growth, both as individuals and professionals. This helps the students to demonstrate personal and social responsibility while carrying out their professional roles.

    Industry Connect
    Woxsen brings Academics & Industry together through various interesting means to ensure practice meets theory in all functional areas. The flagship PG programs have seen over 200 companies visiting for various engagements, enhancing the learning experience of the students. It acts as a catalyst in a making students industry-ready as they are exposed to thinkers, experts, entrepreneurs & highly committed industry professionals. From interactive sessions like Leadership Series, #Unicorn Calling to conclaves and seminars, Woxsen has created enriching avenues as part of their academic rigour.


    As BBA continues to command a leading position amongst UG programs, the future prospects for newly minted graduates is definitely on an upward trend. Latest reports show BBA graduates holding an impressive 22% in hiring intent based on education domain. (Courtesy: India Skills Report - 2019)

    Equipped with specialized & transferable skills, Woxsen’s BBA graduates are prepared to take up roles both at the entry level as well as managerial positions, stretching across sectors (private & government) and industries globally. The degree program also takes into cognizance the entirely new ecosystem formed by the new wave of entrepreneurship & gig economy, keeping it flexible for learners inclined towards self-employment.

    Opportunity to participate in Woxsen’s Student Exchange Program

    Woxsen’s relentless efforts towards providing Global Exposure & Study Opportunity to its students has transpired into partnerships with World’s leading B-Schools. With Exclusive Student Exchange Programs, our meritorious students will get an opportunity to study one semester or more abroad.

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