Rent a Car in Menorca with These Money-Saving Car Rental Hacks
Check Rates on Multiple Versions of the Car Hire Company

Looking for cheap car hire in Menorca for your long vacation? If you are like most travelers, you prefer a good quality, comfortable car that will safely drive you around Menorca. Such cars will save you big money on website booking. Unless you want a flashy retro convertible – then your game changes totally. So, before you rent a car in Menorca, check out these car rental hacks for your next reservation.

Book in Advance and Pay Less Later
Like us, top car rentals in Menorca allow booking a car without prepaying. This is quite advantageous to a lot of travelers – you can swap your car for an upgraded model, cancel, reschedule, and even get a better deal upfront.
For instance, you can pre-book a car through our site, and if you are lucky enough, you might get a better deal for a better model when you visit to pick up the car keys.

Look for Seasonal Discounts and Referral Codes
While car hires in Menorca don’t often promote discounts widely, almost all of them run seasonal discounts. Before checking out, find out whether the car rental company is running any seasonal discounts or offers. You can also Google search for “X Car Rental Company Coupon Code” and save upto 30% on your booking cost, depending upon the season and car type.
In the case of Binicars, you can directly call our executives to find out about our ongoing offers and discounts.
Many car rental companies run reward and loyalty programs for travelers. Through these programs, you can earn points, perks, and rewards, which could save a lot of money when renting a car in Menorca. If you frequently travel, joining the loyalty program will help you save money on car rentals.

Rent Directly from the Rental Company
Intermediaries companies that allow comparing car rental prices from different companies may increase car rental rates significantly because of the commission or profit margin they add to the actual cost.
Travelers choose intermediary platforms because of online booking convenience. But now, many car rental companies in Menorca have their own online booking options via their website, social media, and even WhatsApp. So, our advice is to rent directly from the car hire company and get a better deal on your favorite car.

Check Rates on Multiple Versions of the Car Hire Company
When renting a car in a foreign country, compare rates on your home country’s website and the original version of the car rental company. You may find a huge price difference between both versions of the website, which might help you save more on your booking.
However, remember that credit card companies might charge you a fee for transacting in foreign currency. So, if the price difference is trivial, we suggest using the local car hire website.

Book Your Car as a Package Deal
You can save big bucks on your car hire services in Menorca if you bundle it into your hotel accommodation or flight package. Check options on Expedia or Trivago for offers and package deals.

Download Car Hire Company’s Mobile Application
Downloading a mobile application will enable the car rental Menorca company to deliver personalized experiences based on your search history, booking history, location, etc. Example: Your favorite car for your upcoming trip to Menorca at a discounted price.

Rent a Car in Menorca Today and Upgrade Upon Reaching No Extra Car
Five out of ten customers get an upgrade for free. Book a normal car online, and you could ask for an upgrade with additional features from the staff at the rental company if your booked car is unavailable. If you are lucky, you will get a premium upgrade on the rented car at no cost or a small price.
Here’s how you can get an upgrade from Binicar rental in Menorca
- If your booked car is unavailable, we will help you with an upgrade
- If you are an existing customer, we will be happy to help you anytime
- Just ask for an upgrade when you come to pick up your car keys, and we will give you options

Remember to Take Photos and Videos During Your Car Inspection
Snap pictures of any dents, scratches, or damage during the initial inspection of your rental car. This gives you an advantage in case the rental company tries to charge you for any damage you didn’t cause. You can also report these damages as soon as you see them.

Don’t Pay for Fuel Beforehand
When you rent a car in Menorca online, don’t pay for the fuel or gas or let the rental company fill the fuel for you. This could be an expensive deal. Rather, find the cheapest gas station nearby and fill the tank yourself. Choose gas stations in the city center or 10 miles away from the airport. Don’t choose stations near Mahon airport, as they tend to be overly pricey.


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