Top 8 Photography Tips For A Successful Maternity Photoshoot by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Although there are many benefits to doing maternity photoshoots, you may be unsure of how to get started. A newbie photographer may feel overwhelmed and anxious. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is here to help!

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Pregnancy causes discomfort for many women. Their bodies are changing swiftly, and not necessarily in a way that makes them happy. Pregnant women commonly face acne, edema, weight gain, and stretch marks, which can make them feel ugly. Despite the fact that some pregnant women may feel great, many others are self-conscious about their appearance. This might be an obstacle during maternity picture shoots, resulting in odd or unpleasant images. For stunning maternity photographs, your first responsibility as a photographer is to make your subject feel attractive and at ease. It is crucial to create a pleasant setting for any form of portrait photography, but particularly for maternity images. You want your model to feel incredible, so she not only enjoys the photoshoot but also looks her best in the photographs. Here are eight recommendations provided by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh for making pregnancy shoots more comfortable for models. With a self-assured model, enough lighting, and elegant post-processing, you will be able to capture great images of this memorable occasion.

Ensure that the model is wearing something that makes her feel gorgeous.

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Clothing may have a significant impact on a model’s confidence. However, no single costume is suitable for all ladies. Some women like form-fitting gowns, while others choose loose slacks and tops. During a maternity shoot, which focuses on the woman’s physique, these distinctions may become more apparent. If the model feels uncomfortable or unpleasant in her attire, she may not appreciate the focus on her body. Encourage the model to wear whatever she feels most comfortable with, even if it’s sweatpants and a big blouse. Some photographers favor tight maternity clothes because they display the baby bulge more clearly, but the truth is that you may take amazing pictures in any outfit. If the model is wearing loose clothing, you might simply request that she shield her stomach or face from the breeze. Ultimately, it is most vital that she feels comfortable. If a form-fitting blouse or dress is not her style, that’s great.

Choose angles that flatten.

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Women appear to look different, particularly while pregnant. That is, you cannot utilize the same perspectives for every maternity shoot. A photograph that looks great on one lady may be unattractive on another. Observe these distinctions and adjust your thoughts to the distinctive form of each model. For example, you may obtain a terrific head-on image with a prominent baby bump, but not with a more modest one. Similarly, some pregnant women appear lovely and at ease when seated, while others (the vast majority) look far better when standing. Occasionally, ladies are already aware of which body angles seem better or worse. Or, at the very least, certain viewpoints inspire greater confidence than others. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says you may inquire about these preferences and discuss which qualities she wants to accentuate or conceal. She may be self-conscious about her chin, but she may like the curve of her tummy. Communicating about these tastes will not only aid in establishing rapport but also prevent you from capturing images she will not enjoy.

Inquire about props in advance.

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Using props to relax models may be an effective technique. They may be terrific conversation starters, and if the model is tired of being in the spotlight, they provide a nice reprieve. Unlike other types of photographs, the woman/couple should supply props for maternity images. They should be individualized and relevant to the newborn. Examples of common props include shoes, a book, a onesie, a plush animal, an ultrasound image, and block letters spelling out the baby’s name. If you prefer some props over others, be forthright with your clients. It’s acceptable to reject some props if they don’t match your shooting style, but you should explain these expectations beforehand. This will prevent your customers from being enthusiastic about their props, just to find out that you will not be using them in the session.


Location is likely less crucial than lighting when it comes to taking beautiful photographs. When filming inside, choose a room with ample window light and switch off any overhead or floor lighting. The warmth of overhead lighting might cause your photographs to seem orange. Then, experiment until you locate a location with sufficient light. Depending on where you stand in relation to the window and the amount of light in the space, you may take images that are either bright and airy or dark and somber. Often, simpler is better! Cool lighting and majestic backgrounds may appear wonderful in professional photographs, but they may be difficult to deal with for amateurs. Frequently, the finest images will be taken against a simple background, such as a bright wall in your neighborhood or your own bed, where you and your baby bulge may truly show.

Try photographing in monochrome.

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Particularly when a lot of skin is displayed, color photographs may be confronting. Any skin tone anomalies, such as spots, acne, and spider veins, are visible in color. Your model may be beautiful but self-conscious about how these imperfections seem in color. To conceal these flaws, consider shooting in black and white. The same skin abnormalities may become undetectable or, at the very least, less obvious. As pregnant ladies are susceptible to skin changes, this technique might be effective for maternity photographs.


Lighting and location are the two most crucial aspects of producing quality photographs. When photographing outside, seek for open shadow (when it’s usually light, but the sun isn’t beaming directly on your subject). Under a tree or in front of a shady wall are tried-and-true open-air shade options. As stated by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, “The “golden hour” (the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset) is the best time to take photographs in the vast outdoors if you want a wide-angle shot.” Without the sun’s strong glare, you may shoot photographs virtually anyplace, and the golden glow will make them appear professional. If you are unable to photograph during golden hour and it is too light outdoors, position yourself immediately in front of the sun. It will shield you from the sun’s harsh rays and give you a pleasant glow.

Request that the model turns away from the camera.

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The eyes capture the audience’s attention. Consequently, they are frequently the subject of portrait photography. In maternity photographs, you want visitors to focus primarily on the beauty of the pregnancy. If the model stares straight into the camera, her eyes will certainly distract the viewer and diminish the overall impact of the image. Additionally, facing away from the camera, which is less personal, might make some models feel more at ease. If you have a good chat, she may forget that you are taking photographs, resulting in more natural images.

Engage the partner and/or the family.

Pregnancy and delivery are family-wide events. Therefore, it seems appropriate to involve others in maternity picture shoots. Along with other family members, the spouse is the most apparent candidate. A cherished pet might also be a pleasant addition. If a pregnant woman’s best friend or sister is also expecting, they may be able to combine their two maternity photo sessions into one, obtaining both solo and matched images. As long as the model loves their company and is at ease with their presence, involving additional individuals in this way may make the picture shoot more enjoyable and memorable with Mohit Bansal Chandigarh.

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Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Top 8 Photography Tips for a successful maternity photoshoot