Choose The Right Colours for Your Home: A Vastu Shastra Guide
Confused about what colours to pick for your home? Take the help of Vastu Shastra. Read here to know all about it.

You might not know this, but colours, apart from adding an aesthetic touch and beauty to your homes, also hold great relevance and importance in terms of Vastu. Undoubtedly, colours can enhance your home's visual and aesthetic appeal, but the lesser-known fact is that they can have incredible effects on your emotions, mood, psyche, and thought process. Specific colours help to stimulate distinctive emotions in us. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have an appropriate balance of colours in our homes. 

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Colours You Should Pick for Your Living Space: An Astrological Overview 

When it comes to colour selection, you should make the right choices. This is because colours not only impart a unique quality and identity to your home, but they can create a massive difference in your life. Colours can have a significant psychological effect on people. As per Vastu Shastra, colours play an essential role in balancing your mind, body, and spirit. 

Vastu Shastra states that whether your life in your living space will be excellent or not depends on the correct placement of every item in your home in the correct direction and choosing the right shades and hues of colours for your home. Specific colours stimulate distinctive emotions in us, so it is of utmost importance to maintain an appropriate balance of colours in our homes. Every colour has specific properties that can influence our behaviours and emotions differently. When you pick the right colours for your home, they can stimulate your house's energy and, hence, positively impact the inhabitants and the house. As per Vastu Shastra, every room has a particular colour that is best suited for that room. Thus, choosing the right colours is necessary so that your home is filled with positive vibes and a healthy aura.

Here in this article, you will find the colours best suited for each room in your house:


You should go for colours like pink, green, blue, and purple in lighter shades for your bedroom. These shades can ensure the desired balance in your marital life. Light and pastel shades are ideal for the bedroom. Colours like light shades of green and blue can help you create a relaxing space. These colours can offer you better relaxation and will make sure you have a good sleep. Earthy hues like shades of brown are an excellent choice as they keep you grounded and evoke stability. Newly married couples can opt for light pink in their master bedroom. Pink can deepen the bond between the couple and will keep conflicts at bay. 

However, you should avoid dark colours as they can bring gloom. Moreover, you should also avoid excessive use of red in the bedroom as it can trigger temperament issues. 


Agni, the god of fire, reigns in the kitchen, which is why it is best to go for colours that pay homage to him for the kitchen. Colours like orange, yellow, saffron, or red can be good picks for the kitchen. These colours bring in positivity, vivacity, and optimism. Moreover, bright colours are a good pick for the kitchen as the kitchen represents the fire element. A light brown or a chocolate brown colour is also a good choice as it exudes contentment and warmth.  

Vastu experts also strongly suggest that the kitchen should have a hint of red colour like a dinner set or a bowl or even a patch on the wall to represent the colour. Lighter shades like white or beige is a good pick for the kitchen floor. The kitchen should not be dark and gloomy. Therefore, steer clear from dark colours like black and dark grey.

Living Room 

The living room is the room that welcomes and entertains your visitors. This room represents your charisma, personality, style, and individuality. Thus, the living room should be attractive, appealing, energetic, cheerful, and warm. As per Vastu consultants, white, yellow, green, light pink, and blue are highly suitable for the living room. The cream is also an excellent colour for your living room as it inculcates beauty and charm to the space. Beige is another colour that is a perfect pick for your living room. This colour is associated with calmness and relaxation and hence can make the space relaxed and peaceful. A light-coloured living room will usher in positive vibes; therefore, you should avoid dark shades or colours in your living room.


Choose light colours such as beige, cream, white, light pink, and light yellow, to name a few, for your bathrooms. These colours can bring positivity to the space and give a fresh look to your bathroom. Undisputedly, light green and light blue are excellent picks for your bathroom. Most importantly, avoid using dark colours in the bathroom. Your bathroom is primarily a compact space; hence, dark colours will make the place appear even smaller. Furthermore, dark colours can usher negative energy into the space. 

Children’s Room

Your children's room should be nurturing and bright, which is why it becomes crucial to opt for the right colours. Choosing the right colours can improve the child's focus and enhance their personality. Shades of light green is a great pick as it represents growth and balance. Green also can enhance positivity, increase the grasping power of the child, and improve concentration levels. Light yellow and its shades can bring cheer and joy to the living space and hence are good picks. Light green and yellow also aid in concentration. Light shades of blue can have a calming effect and offer good sleep and relaxation to the children. Soft and soothing colours can aid in creativity in children in their formative years. Avoid using dark colours such as dark grey, dark blue, and black in the child's room.

Pooja Room/Worship Room

When it comes to your Pooja room, white is always a great option. White is a colour that denotes peace, purity, tranquillity, and serenity. Vastu experts also consider yellow to be a great option as it harnesses positivity and positive energy. Light blue and light green are also considered to be good choices for your Pooja room as these colours will make the space more serene. However, steer clear away from dark colours, such as red, as they could have negative effects. 

It is essential to go for the right mix of colours as colours have the power to excite, relax, agitate, and heal. From a Vastu point of view, the colours you choose for your home can genuinely usher in a lot of positivity. Hence, remember the above-mentioned tips when you are picking colours for your home. Choosing appropriate colours will not only increase the style quotient of your home, but the right colours, selected as per Vastu guidelines, can enhance positivity in your living space. 

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