NFT Token development Services
We are a NFT Token Development Company that can help you create NFTs for artworks, collectibles, gaming, Video with our Non fungible token development services.

In a virtual world build your NFT to symbolize your originality and exclusivity. The favor of antiques is Collectibles. To an antique state the NFT collectibles will not resolve back any asset by its transformation. Tokyotechie is leading non fungible token development company provides NFT development services that is NFT Token development, NFT Marketplace, NFT Gaming Platform etc. 

Importance Of NFT Token Development

Constructed over your intangible and tangible exceptional assets, non-fungible tokens are the digital contract. To grow creators for their signature products, this NFT marketplace has huge prospective. Non-Fungible token development finds a brilliant niche in Art and games are the 2 key categories to maintain and develop together. To invest in such variety, for fantasy lovers and indies it’s striking. The assortment of exceptional assets in a virtual world might set them in happiness digitally with your own NFTs by helps of our NFT Token development.

In 2012, the 1st Non-Fungible Token was launched. Its uprising in collectible and gaming space gathered fame in NFT. In late November 2017, the exceptional demand of NFTs and nature catch the attention of collectors, gaming and investors that make $174 million.

With the use of one of 2 Ethereum token standards (ERC-721 and ERC-1155) NFT was build. To organize NFTs and make sure containing exchanges and wallet services, Ethereum provides designs for software developers. Of intellectual property, the acknowledgment for NFT is rising for presenting ownership and genuineness like original artworks and in-game tokens.


Non Fungible Token Development (NFTs) Standards


For representing non-fungible digital assets, it was the 1st standard. ERC721 is a transmitted Solidity smart contract standard. ERC721 offers a recording of exceptional identifier addresses, which symbolize the holder of that identifier. ERC721 even offers a authorization method to transfer these assets.



It was pioneered by the Enjin team; transport the thought to the NFT world of semi-fungibility. With it, IDs stand for not solitary assets but classes of assets. The major thing of ERC 1155 is its moveable nature. Users don’t have to choose the token address all the time to buy manifold assets of the similar category. As an alternative, the quantity of the asset needs to be entered by user with the depiction of the Id. This offers reduction of numerous smart contracts and transaction time.


Also a superset of ERC721 functionality is offered by the ERC1155, with the utilization of ERC1155, an asset could be constructed.


TRC 721

For supplying non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the TRON network TRC-721 is a protocol. This is completely well-matched with ERC-721 TRC-721. To digitize your collectible TRC-721 standard permits you into NTFs to boost its exclusive values.


Any type of digital or tangible assets will symbolize in the real world by TRC-721 standard tokens. By TRON’s public chain infrastructure at ease deployment of TRC721 is offered to your exceptional collectibles. For its simple deployment and lucrative feature, TRC-721 NFT expansion will experience an enormous adoption.