What Are The Key Differences Between HMI And PLC?
When it comes to processing automation and sophisticated system design, PLCs and HMIs are critical components.

PLCs are hardware-based devices, and an HMI is a system that works in combination with a PLC. We intend to discuss each of them in detail and explain how they work in this essay. We recommend that you get seated back and stay with us until the end to know more about the HMI software download and PLC programming.

What is HMI?

The evolution of computers has had and continues to have a major impact on industry and society. To face the next decade’s challenges, we are modifying our computer systems. Software and hardware are constantly updated. Computers are now strong enough to allow human-machine interaction.

What is PLC?

The PLC features multiple real-world I/O connections. Most PLC versions have interchangeable I/O modules, enabling easy interface with nearly any laboratory or industrial equipment.

Difference between HMI and PLC


  • The HMI will have a unit display and function buttons.
  • HMI can run in manual or automatic mode.
  • HMI is a touch screen PLC.
  • It can modify the set point.


  • The user cannot observe the PLC execution.
  • PLC setpoint cannot be changed.
  • PLC is in automatic mode only.
  • It can modify the set point.

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