What Are The Best Email Validation Tools In 2022?
Email validation is used to identify whether or not an email address actually exists. There are many cases where a user will enter a random set of characters as a username or email address when creating their account.

What Are The Best Tools For Email Verification?

What Is An Email Validation?

Email validation is used to identify whether or not an email address actually exists. There are many cases where a user will enter a random set of characters as a username or email address when creating their account. You need to verify email addresses, otherwise, your customers will never be able to receive any messages you send them.

This process works by checking if the email address is already in use and if its format conforms to specific standards. It basically does a quick process that involves checking your address for syntax, spelling, and the use of the @ symbol, among other things.

Why Verification Of Emails Is Necessary For Email Marketing?

By verifying an email address, you can make sure that the address is valid and that the owner of the address is whom they say they are. This can be important for a number of reasons, including reducing spam and protecting your company's reputation.

Additionally, verified email addresses can be used to build targeted lists for marketing or sales purposes. Other benefits are:

It will help you maintain a high Sender Score, which is a rating used by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to assess your reputation.

Since your messages are no longer sent to non-existent users, you'll save money and increase your return on investment.

Your conversion rate will increase.

Now you can understand why email verification is important before starting an email marketing campaign.

How Do Email Validation Tools Work?

Email validation tools are designed to help you clean up your mailing list by removing invalid or incorrect addresses. They work by running a series of checks on each email address on your list to make sure it's valid and exists.

There are a few different ways these tools work, but the most common method is called syntax checking. This type of verification looks at the structure of an email address to make sure it's valid.

After that, the email addresses will be sorted into the following categories:

Invalid: These are addresses that are missing a domain, have invalid syntax, or are from a disposable domain.

Risky: These email addresses are the ones that have a high probability of being spam traps, booby traps, or from a known bad domain.


Valid: These are the ones that have valid syntax, are from a valid domain, and have an existing mailbox.

The Best Email Validation Tools In 2022

1. Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor is one of the best email finders, cell phone finders, and data verifiers out there. The Lead Extractor simultaneously connects to over 66 search engines to bring users the most updated and accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses, social media contact information, cell phone, and mobile phone numbers.

The contact extractor has the ability to find and verify emails and phone numbers by names, zip codes, URLs, and addresses of the prospects. Moreover, you will get data in CSV, Excel, and Text files by using this lead scraping tool.

Top Lead Extractor Free Trial And Pricing

Top Lead Extractor has a 3-day free trial here. The Top Leads Scraper pricing page has pricing information showing the features and details on convenient monthly plans starting at $0 (free with some limitations) and $99 USD depending on the number of credits you select. The data extractor also has Enterprise plans for high volume needs.

Another unique feature is Web scraping tool has a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% with the contact finder tool, they give you your money back. No risk to use Top Lead Extractor to find your future prospect’s contact information.

Top Lead Extractor's mission is to save you your most valuable asset – time, to reduce your cognitive load, to make connecting to business opportunities easier, and of course, to authenticate identity.

2. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Grabber allows you to find and connect with your ideal customer with their email addresses. The email extractor is empowered with technology, integrations, and automation. Grow your email lead generation, sales, and revenue goals with this email finder tool. Their tagline is “Grow Your Email List With Targeted Customers.”

Cute Web Gmail Email Extractor has been in the news since 2010 with their company launching a highly successful initial public offering. You can find, verify, and get data in CSV, Excel, and Text files by name, zip code, and website URL by using this bulk email extractor.

Cute Web Email Extractor Free Trial And Pricing

Cute Web Email Hunter has a free trial here. The Ahmad Software Technologies pricing page has pricing information starting from $60 for a month. You must check the email scraper software before purchasing it.

Cute Web Email Crawler's mission is to help every business owner, freelancer, marketer, and individual to grow their business with targeted email marketing.

3. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper allows users to enrich the email and phone number databases from LinkedIn profiles and search results without coding time, money, and effort. The LinkedIn Recruiter Profile Scraper a desktop application can find, extract, export, and verify data from LinkedIn by name, zip code, LinkedIn profile URL, job title, and address. Furthermore, you can save your extracted LinkedIn data locally on your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text files by using this LinkedIn Scraping tool.

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Free Trial And Pricing

LinkedIn Recruiter search export has a 3-day free trial before purchasing with data export limitations. The LinkedIn Extractor pricing page has pricing information showing the details on monthly plans starting at $0 (free) and $99 for 3 months depending on your need.

LinkedIn data extractor's mission is to provide data from a trusted platform LinkedIn. We believe that a business can’t survive without reliable and accessible data – and you can get data from 1200 to 2000 LinkedIn profiles in a day by using this LinkedIn profile scraper.

Final Words:

These are some of the best contact-finding tools for finding and verifying email addresses and cell phone numbers. The list of the email finder tool will continually be updated and is current as of 2022.

These data scraping tools will help you to grow your email and phone number database even if you are not a programmer. You can complete your lead generation, freelancing, and email marketing projects by using email mining tools.