Types of Showers in India - A Comprehensive Guide
Explore different types of showers, enclosures and room designs in India for you to transform your bathroom space into a wellness healing station.

Types of Showers in India - A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the different types of showers in India and learn how to differentiate between different shower types based on their features, styles, enclosures and water flow. This Indian buyer's guide is your ultimate tool to help you fit your home with the best shower based on your personal preference, budget and design of your home! 

A functional and aesthetic shower completes every bathroom space. Showers set the mood for us throughout the day. They are the sanctuaries that we head to every morning or leave every night. Modern bathroom shower sets today come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. In this article, we’ll be discussing three different types of showers, which are:

  • Manual Shower Mixer Set
  • Electric Shower
  • Thermostatic Showers
Besides this, showers can also be classified into prefabricated and custom based on how they are made. If you are looking for a rejuvenating shower to spruce up your bathroom experience - whether you are building one or renovating your existing one, there are several types and bathroom shower ideas to choose from. This guide will explore various kinds of showers and shower room designs in India so you can find one that fits your preferences.


Chapter 1- Types of Showers in India- An Overview
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Types of Showers - The Indian Buyer's Guide

Shower types range from pre-fabricated units to custom-made showers, all of which have their own types of enclosures, shower mixer sets, bathroom showerheads and shower sizes

shower system is formed by a complex network of several features, and it is extremely vital to consider them all before choosing one for yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying one for your home.

- What type of boiler do you have? Every type of boiler works differently, and hence would require a shower type that adheres to it

- What sized shower do you need? This would also answer your preferences for a custom-made one for your space, or a pre-fabricated design

- How is your water pressure? Do you want high-pressure showers or a shower set with low pressure?

- Are you looking for any specific features in your shower? This includes the types of showerheads, bathroom shower taps, mixer sets accessories, designs, materials etc.

- Do you want an enclosed shower or an open shower system? Enclosures keep your bathrooms dry and make the area seem spacious. These types of shower design ideas is something you would want to keep in mind as well.

Finding the right shower can be a little more daunting than one would expect. The market provides a plethora of products in different varieties, which can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you are entering it for the first time.

Therefore, if you have concerns about your plumbing compatibilities or just want an idea as to what works best for you, you can start off by getting inspiration via online blogs, and magazines or even visit the nearest Jaquar showroom to get a hands-on experience of all bathroom accessories you can dream of. 

You can also consult a professional before making a purchase to get a better understanding of what works well for you. At Jaquar, we provide our customers with virtual consultations with our in-house experts who will guide you through all bathroom shower types, accessories and fittings that are available in their various shower designs, colours and finishes!

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