The Value of Being a Published Photographer in the Digital Age || Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
Digital photography is the new hype for everyone. We asked Mohit Bansal Chandigarh about being published online and what it can mean for a budding photographer's career.
We live in a world with the privilege of being able to do everything and anything we desire with considerable ease. This also enables us to showcase our work to the world in a blink of an eye. Says Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Posting things on social, makings blogs, podcasts, vlogs,  and videos, the world is your oyster. This ease has changed the face of print and digital media alike. And has enabled people to build a reputation and a career if they so desire. However, given how simple it is, publishing may not mean as much as it formerly did. So, read along and decide for yourself how much of an impact a photograph can make on the virtual world.

Making a presences

First and foremost, posting your unique writing online is a surefire approach to gaining some attention. Whether it is direct or indirect, it is still publicity. Your specific niche of work makes little difference, your online presence gives you credibility. Posting online helps in building a social media presence, portfolio, better cover stories, and editorials. It helps you make a brand out of yourself says Mohit Bansal Chandigarh. 

Not just that, but it also makes it easier to be spotted. It is being found in the sea of aspiring amateurs by your future clients, curators, or even employers. But this doesn’t just happen all on its own, you need to be mindful of certain things. Like where you are publishing, how much traffic you can attract on that platform, and its relevance to you.

Gaining a team


Publishing your work aids you in finding people with the same vision as you. People who can help you polish your work and be better. It is also beneficial to find people who are different. For they will ensure your work stays new and you always have a new perspective on things. Finding a balance will ensure that your creativity is both stimulated and tested.


Social media 

 Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Social Media


In the modern age, promotions are majorly done via the internet. Social media plays the biggest part both directly and indirectly. Getting the chance to publish for a page or a magazine with a lot of followers does many things. It puts you on a pedestal and makes you visible to a big audience. It also gives you an opportunity to gain some followers of your own. One thing says Mohit Bansal Chandigarh urges you to be mindful of while submitting for a page is that they give you your due credit. Unfortunately, there are some big-shot platforms that might pick your photographs but not give you credit. When that happens all the effort is wasted. If you want to make sure you are reaching the masses these things are always should be kept in mind. 


Elaborating on my previous point here, credits play an even bigger role if you want to work with giants of any niche. It has become somewhat of a trend to find new and upcoming artists to promote their products. Tagging the brands also gives a chance to establish a direct point of contact. And maybe bag a collaboration in the future. 


Establishing your vision and consistency 

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Establishing your vision and consistency  (1)



Publications prove to be a platform for exhibiting your unique style, and your capacity to rejuvenate an innovative vision. Through your decision of lighting, styling, cosmetics, hair, and post-handling, you can exhibit what a creation under your guidance can resemble. Establishing your capacity to capture a strong subject or component in your publications demonstrates your capacity to future clients. Clients and brands like to see that you maintain consistency in your work, especially with regard to publication and advertorial work that actually are still big in print media. Having the option to create one high-influence picture isn’t sufficient all the time. Showing the way that you can dependably yield uniform outcomes will go quite far in acquiring the right sort of customers. Says Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a firm believer that consistency is the key to success.


Knowing the requirements

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Knowing the requirements


A lot of photographers hold varying perspectives on when a photographer can genuinely call themselves a “published photographer”. Especially because of these recent submission-based publications platforms. At the point when a publication is going for submissions, it implies that the photographer plans to present the story to a magazine. A “pull letter” refers to expressed ensure from a magazine. Sometimes it is also known as a commitment letter. This permits you to acquire better models or closets for your story because of the support of the publication. Most modeling organizations won’t give an untested photographer their models without a commitment letter. So remember that while projecting for your publication.


A commissioned publication, all by itself, normally accompanies a remuneration of some kind or another. This implies that the magazine is recruiting you to shoot a story for them. There is a fundamental distinction between the two with regard to submission versus commission. The last option includes the vision of the publication, and ought to follow suitable remuneration.

Publications that were gone for submission (or even with a commission letter), ought to be private work and exhibit the innovative vision of the photographer. On the off chance that a magazine is requesting that you shoot their vision with explicit directions, without remuneration, be vigilant. It’s one thing to invest the energy and cash expected to make a publication of your own work. Yet it’s something totally different to be approached to create work, especially for a magazine that may not help your portfolio over the long haul.


Knowing your value 

Knowing your value - Mohit Bansal Chandigarh


We have talked to great lengths about the plus sides of publishing your work online but we must not get too far ahead of ourselves and forget to be careful. There is now an ever-growing number of publishing that require the picture taker to pay some fee. Says Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says that the charges are many times named managerial expenses, accommodation charges, or even design expenses.  Each publication is a mix of the group’s ability, time, and individual gare. Generally, a payment is included while creating said work. So asking a photographer to then pay to show their pictures can be very affront and demeaning.

Certain photographers can make peace with these charges as promoting costs. Similarly running an ad in a magazine has a set expense, or running a promotion through Google or Facebook, it’s not unbelievable to put resources into the more modest accommodation charges of a portion of the bigger distributions with a dependable crowd.


Apart from that, make the right decision for yourself as well as your image. There are numerous decent magazines that will acknowledge your work with appreciation, instead of charging you for work that you have proactively put resources into.


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