The CAR-T cell therapy market is estimated to be worth USD 14 billion in 2030, predicts Roots Analysis
CAR-T Cell Therapies Market (3rdEdition) by Target Indications

Given their abilityto selectively direct a cell mediated immune response against cancer cells and,thereby, offer prolonged periods of disease remission, several CAR-T celltherapies are expected to achieve blockbuster status


Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, “CAR-T Cell Therapies Market (3rdEdition) by Target Indications (NHL, Multiple Myeloma, Chronic LymphocyticLeukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Follicular Lymphoma, Mantle CellLymphoma, Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Others), Target Antigens (CD19, BCMA,CD19 / CD22, GPC3 and EGFR), Key Players and Key Geographies (North America,Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, and Rest of theWorld) – Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2021-2030


The features an extensive study of the currentmarket landscape and the future potential of CAR-T cell therapies. The reporthighlights the efforts of both industry players and academic organizations inthis rapidly evolving segment of the biopharmaceutical industry. Amongst otherelements, the report features the following:

§ A detailed assessmentof the current market landscape of drug developers engaged in the developmentof CAR-T cell therapies.

§ Detailed profiles ofmarketed and mid-to late stage clinical products (shortlisted on the basisof the stage of development).

§ An analysis of theCAR constructs of clinical-stage CAR-T therapies based on the generation ofCAR-T therapy.

§ An analysishighlighting the key opinion leaders (KOLs) in this domain. It features a 2×2matrix assessing the relative experience of KOLs shortlisted based on theircontributions (in terms of involvement in various clinical studies) tothis field.

§ An analysis of thevarious CAR-T cell therapy focused clinical trials registered across the world,between 2009 and 2019.

§ An overview of thevarious focus therapeutic areas of therapy developers, including an assessmentof the opportunity (in terms of revenue generation potential from therapysales) across oncological and non-oncological disease indications.

§  A detailed discussionon innovative technology platforms that are being used for the development of CAR-Tcell therapies.

§ An analysis of the partnerships that have been establishedin the recent past.

§ An analysis of the investments that have been made intocompanies that have proprietary CAR-T cell based products / technologies.

§ A case study on other T-cell based therapies, apart fromCAR-Ts, including a detailed analysis of approved / pipeline products.

§ A case study on manufacturing cell therapy products,highlighting the key challenges, and a detailed list of contract serviceproviders and in-house manufacturers involved in this space.

§ An elaborate discussion on various factors that form thebasis for the pricing of cell-based therapies.

§ An analysis of the prevalent and emerging trends in thisdomain, as represented on the social media platform, Twitter.

§ A review of the key promotional strategies that have beenadopted by the developers of the marketed CAR-Tcell therapies.

§  A detailed marketforecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunityacross key market segments (listed below)

  • Type of target disease Indication
    • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
    • Multiple myeloma
    • Melanoma
    • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

§  Acutelymphoblastic leukemia

§  Follicularlymphoma

§ Mantle cell lymphoma

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma

§ Colorectal cancer


§  Typeof Target Antigens

  • CD19
  • BCMA
  • CD19, CD22
  • GPC3
  • EGFR


§  KeyGeographical Regions 

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Rest of the World 


§  Transcripts ofinterviews held with the following senior level representatives of stakeholdercompanies

  • Tim Oldham (Chief Executive Officer, Cell Therapies)
  • Troels Jordansen (Chief Executive Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics)
  • Wei (William) Cao (Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gracell Biotechnologies)
  • Miguel Forte (Chief Operating Officer, TxCell)
  • Adrian Bot (Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Kite Pharma)
  • Vincent Brichard (Vice President, Immuno-Oncology, Celyad)
  • Brian Dattilo (Manager of Business Development, Waisman Biomanufacturing)
  • Aino Kalervo (Competitive Intelligence Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Theravectys)
  • Xian-Bao Zhan (Professor of Medicine and Director, Department of Oncology, Changhai Hospital)
  • Enkhtsetseg Purev (Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado)


Key companies coveredin the report

  • Autolus
  • bluebird bio
  • CARsgen Therapeutics

§ Celgene (A BristolMyers Squibb Company)

  • Cellectis
  • Cellular Biomedicine Group
  • Innovative Cellular Therapeutics
  • Iovance Biotherapeutics
  • Kite Pharma (A Gilead Sciences Company)
  • Kuur Therapeutics
  • Lion TCR
  • Noile-Immune Biotech
  • Novartis
  • Shanghai GeneChem
  • Sinobioway Cell Therapy
  • Takara Bio
  • Ziopharm Oncology


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