Peptide Therapeutics: Contract API manufacturing market is estimated to be worth USD 3.2 billion in 2030, predicts Roots Analysis
Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Peptide Therapeutics: Contract API Manufacturing Market, 2020-2030”


Given the growing demand for peptide drugs and thecomplexities associated with their development and production, relying on thesuperior technical expertise and experience of CMOs / CDMOs is presently awidely accepted business model


Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, PeptideTherapeutics: Contract API Manufacturing Market,2020-2030


The “Peptide Therapeutics: Contract API Manufacturing Market,2020-2030” report features an extensive study of the current market landscapeand future opportunities associated with the contract manufacturing oftherapeutic peptides. The study also features a detailed analysis of keydrivers and trends related to this evolving domain. Amongst other elements, thereport includes:

§  Adetailed review of the overall landscape of companies offering contractservices for manufacturing of peptides.

§  Ananalysis on the recent developments in the industry, highlighting collaborations,facility expansions, and upcoming peptide synthesis technologies within thisdomain.

§  Informedestimates of the annual commercial and clinical demand for manufacturingpeptides for therapeutic use.

§  Adetailed analysis of more than 1,200 completed, ongoing and planned clinical trialsof peptide therapeutics.

§  Anestimate of the overall, installed capacity for manufacturing peptides, basedon data reported by industry stakeholders in the public domain.

§  Adiscussion on regulatory guidelines related to peptide manufacturing,highlighting key differences across various geographies, various challenges,related to regulatory scrutiny, faced by peptide manufacturers.

§  Elaborateprofiles of the key players that offer contract manufacturing services acrossdifferent geographies, namely North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

§  Adiscussion on industry affiliated trends, key drivers and challenges, under aSWOT framework.

§ A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of thecurrent and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listedbelow)

  • Scale of Operation

§  Commercial

§  Preclinical/ Clinical

  • Type of Peptide Synthesis Method Used

§  Chemical

§  Non-Chemical

  • Type of Peptide Chemical Synthesis Method Used

§  LiquidPhase Peptide Synthesis

§  SolidPhase Peptide Synthesis

§  HybridPhase Peptide Synthesis

  • Type of End User

§  Smallsized CMOs

§  Mid-sizedCMOs

§  Largeand very large sized CMOs

  • Key Geographical Region 

§  NorthAmerica

§  Europe

§  Asia-Pacificand the Rest of the World 

§  Transcripts of surveyheld with the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies

§  Alastair Hay, AccountManager, Peptides, Almac

§  Philipp Burling,Chief Financial Officer, NUMAFERM

§  Hideki Kubota, SeniorManager, Peptide Business Project Leader, Sekisui XenoTech 



Keycompanies covered in the report

§  AmbioPharm

§  Auspep

§  Bachem

§  BCN Peptide

§  Chinese Peptide

§  CordenPharma

§  CPC Scientific

§  Creative Peptides

§  CSBio

§  Hybio Pharmaceutical


§  PolyPeptide Group

§  Senn Chemicals

§  Sinopharm Group


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