Opensea Guide: the largest NFT Marketplace
Opensea is the largest marketplace for digital goods such as collectibles, game memorabilia, digital art, and other types of assets that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is OpenSea?

Opensea is the largest marketplace for digital goods such as collectibles, game memorabilia, digital art, and other types of assets that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

This marketplace is decentralized and you can buy and sell NFT marketplace development service internationally without any centralized authority having access to your assets at any time.

Create a purse or wallet

First of all, having a wallet is an essential condition to move around Opensea and basically any other decentralized marketplace. Metamask is a very good option to have your tokens and NFTs since it is the most used. In this post we explain what Metamask is and how to easily create an account .

How to sell on Opensea?

Selling at Opensea has been something that has changed the lives of many artists. If you want to try to join this wave, here we tell you how to sell on Opensea in 5 steps :

Step 1: Make your gallery pretty

Once you have your Metamask account, you can log in to Opensea by clicking on “ My profile “, located in the icon in the upper right corner . Once we enter, we find our empty account, where we can put a public name.

To create a collection, click on the top right on Create — My Collections and the “Create” button . Enter a name for the collection, a description and upload a 350 x 350 image that works as a logo. To give you an idea, a collection is like a store window. Being an international marketplace, we recommend that you put everything in English , although in this example we put it in Spanish.

Once we click on “Create” , a pop-up will appear saying that our collection was created, so we click on “Add items “. Once here, our collection will come out. It is (very) convenient to put a header image (Opensea recommends 1400 x 400 and without text) so that everything is beautiful and attracts attention. You are an artist, so make it show.

Step 2: Create your first NFT

Once we click “Add items” in our collection, we log in with our wallet again and start creating our first NFT.

The process is quite simple: we put a representative image of our piece , a name (for example “Saturn devouring his son”), a link to a site that explains more about the work or about you (optional) and a descriptive text . (optional).

Apart from this, we see 3 more options to add: Properties , Levels and Stats .

Properties — These work as tags so a buyer can easily filter your work. An example of a property would be “Year Created — 2021” or “Theme — Postmodernism. These are very useful if you create a collection (for example, Pokemon) and want to distinguish the characteristics that differentiate them from each other (Type — Water).

Levels : Levels are displayed as progress bars . This case is quite similar to the previous one: let’s imagine that we have a collection of characters for a video game and some have a higher level than others or do more damage. In that case we would put “Lvl — 5/100” or “Damage — 200/10000”.

Stats : This section is usually used if you are going to create several versions of the same NFT and you want the buyer to know the total number of them. For example, “Edition 1 of 5”. Transparency in the NFT community is essential and very important.

Finally, in Unlockable content we should add what the NFT gives access to . If for example we offer the original editable files or a high resolution file.

Once you are happy with the result, we hit Create . In principle, this does not entail any transaction fees.

Step 3: Create a listing on Opensea

To create a listing and be able to sell your NFT marketplace platform development , go to one of them from My Account and press Sell . You can choose between Fixed Price (fixed price) or Auction (auction). Set the price you want and click Post your listing and follow the instructions your wallet tells you.

If you have never sold on Opensea, you will have to pay a gas fee to be able to make a listing. This transaction creates a smart contract associated with your wallet. Currently it is somewhat expensive and can range from $50 to $250. However, you only pay this fee once.

If you do not have ETH in your wallet at the time of listing, read Step 4 .

Step 4 (optional): Buy Ethereum (ETH)

You can search the internet for any provider to buy ETH. If you are using Metamask , you can click on Buy and with a card and with a small commission, you can buy ETH . Always try to have slightly more than what it says it will cost you .

Step 5: Wait for your NFT to be approved

You will now have a little red triangle at the top of your collection that says “Unverified collection” . Once reviewed and accepted by the Opensea team, it will disappear.

Keep in mind that for the collection to be approved you have to:

  • Have a banner in the collection
  • Add a social channel

If you want to make sure it gets approved:

  • Add multiple social channels
  • Send a message to Opensea’s Twitter or Instagram with your link
  • Upload an original piece

Extra: sales commissions

Did you know that you can establish a commission percentage that you take every time someone sells your work to another person?

This can be done by clicking edit collection and scrolling down to “ Commission “. Here you can indicate what percentage you will get each time someone sells a work from that collection. Also, just below this, you can set the ERC-20 token you want to be paid in.

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