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Learning English can be somewhat frustrating. The reason can be how long it takes to finally master the language and be able to call yourself a fluent speaker. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you see faster results.

In this article, you’ll know 15 tested and proven tips that made other English learners make faster progress in their English learning path. Read on to know more!

Learning requires patience and dedication. However, sometimes you need to see results to use it as a motivation for you to keep going. We got you! Here are our 15 English learning tips you can use to progress faster:

Reading can really improve your English proficiency levels quickly. It’s advised you read everything your eyes land on even if you don’t fully understand every single word. 

Step by step you’ll familiarize yourself with common English words and phrases and you’ll become acquainted with idioms and common language sentence structure. 

Examples of things you can read are newspapers, novels, short stories, articles, magazines of something you’re interested in, and even English posts on your social media feed.

It’s essential to write down things you learned. If you come across a phrase you don’t know and manage to learn it, secure it in your mind by writing it down so you can go back to it later. No matter how simple and easy the word is, it’s better to write it down to be able to remember it when needed.

It helps more if you write the word in an understandable context instead of just writing it in its single form. For example, if you learned the phrase “costs a fortune” today, make sure to write down something like “I can’t buy this house, it’ll cost me a fortune!”. The same applies to single words and how you can use them differently.

It’s a classic tip but sometimes people overlook it. Keep an online dictionary with you wherever you go and translate every word you don’t know and then go back to the previous point of writing it down.

website translator online such as Google Translate also allows you to listen to how the word is pronounced, repeat that several times until you can say it on your own.

Reviewing is an avoidable part of the learning process. Don’t rely on your memory to keep everything you learn daily. Eventually, it will keep everything you learned but in order to achieve that you need to review previous material and memorize what you forgot.

Since reviewing what you learned is essential, testing what you learned is also essential. Testing yourself helps you detect your mistakes and spot the things you need to learn again.

Testing your English skills must be continuously done every once in a while, whether it’s an English level assessment test or self-questioning what you know so far.

Let’s be honest, tests and exams can be nerve-wracking even if nothing depends on it, to overcome this, find another English learning buddy and turn it into a fun competition you get into every once in a while. 

What improves your English proficiency more than interacting with real English people? Interacting with natives can help you grasp lots of their talking style, sentence structure, and common phrases.

Communicating with people across the world was never easier than today, seek out native speakers for an informal language exchange in any way convenient to you. 

You can enroll in an online English course, or talk to people using platforms like Easy Language Exchange. It’s free and lets you talk with real natives and a language exchange program online.

Baby constant steps can lead to much greater progress in the long run. Setting a daily schedule for studying English can really click with you. 

Fit the learning time block in a convenient time among your other activities and stick to your allocated time every day away from all distractions, such as TV, your phone, and your computer.

Surround yourself with English context in your daily routine. You can try things like changing the setting on your phone to be in English, joining conversation clubs even if you’re not ready to speak yet, go there and listen to what people are saying and try to make sense of it.

Pop culture is also a great way to surround yourself with English content, like watching your favorite movie in English subtitles. When you add English subtitles to it you’ll catch the phrases you already know in the other language and learn how they can be said in English. This works if it’s an English movie too, add subtitles to read what they say.

It’s a fun way to listen to your accent and practice making correct phrases on the spot. Talk to yourself out loud maybe in front of a mirror and try to talk naturally about something that happened to you today or simply how you feel at this moment.

You can do that simultaneously with the previous point. Recording yourself makes you go back and reflect on your English pronunciation practice and helps you improve your overall English speaking skills.

It’ll help you listen to informal English of celebrities and hosts. It’s something you can’t get from textbooks and it’ll help you improve your skills faster.

Keeping a journal is helpful in making fast progress. You can always go back to it and edit what you wrote. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first but it’ll really help you to express what you want in English. 

If you write the journal with a basic English grammar check and a spell check, it will be more accurate. You guarantee that you write properly and pay attention to your mistakes.

English learning is gradual and requires lots of baby steps in order to be able to come on top. Don’t think you’ll get faster results by skipping certain steps because this method always backfires.

English as a second language classes online saves time and effort by accessing valuable material online in addition to having a professional instructor to guide you and evaluate your progress.

We get it, it can be hard sometimes. But the important thing is to stay focused and keep going even if it seems like there are no efficient results for now. English learning requires patience and persistence and it’ll definitely pay off.

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There you go! Make sure to try these tips and share this article with how it worked out for you.