Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaxceutical Manufacturing Market
A detailed assessment of the current market landscape with respect to the players (industry and non-industry) involved in manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals.

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Key Inclusions

§ A detailed assessment of the current market landscape withrespect to the players (industry and non-industry) involved in manufacturingradiopharmaceuticals. It features information on the year of establishment,company size, purpose of production (fulfilling in-house requirements / forcontract services), location of headquarters, location of manufacturingfacilities, scale of production, applications of radiopharmaceuticals (indiagnosis, therapeutics and theranostics), type of diagnosticradiopharmaceuticals (PET and SPECT), type of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals(alpha emitters, beta emitters and others), target therapeutic area(cardiology, oncology, neurology, thyroid and others) and services offered.

§ An insightful four-dimensional comparison of theradiopharmaceutical manufacturers, based on supplier power (year ofestablishment), product portfolio (number of isotopes being manufactured forvarious applications targeting different therapeutic areas) of themanufacturer, scale at which they manufacture their respective products andcompany size.

§ Tabulated profiles of key industry players based in NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia-Pacific (shortlisted based on the company size of theplayers), featuring a brief overview of the company, a list of products andmanufacturing facilities, recent developments and an informed future outlook.

§ An analysis of recent partnerships and collaborations inkedin this domain since 2017, based on several parameters, such as the type ofpartnership, year of partnership, type of radioisotope involved, therapeuticarea mentioned in the agreement, application of the radioisotope mentioned in the agreement, and aschematic representation showcasing the players that have forged the maximumnumber of alliances. Furthermore, we have provided a world map representationof the deals inked in this field, highlighting those that have been establishedwithin and across different continents.

§ A detailed discussion on the supply chain model of medicalisotope Mo-99 (Tc-99m), highlighting the main steps of the supply chain, fromirradiation of uranium targets in nuclear research reactors to theadministration of Tc-99m to patients. Along with this, it describes thestructure of the industry and product market at each step.


The report also features thelikely distribution of the current and forecasted opportunity across importantmarket segments, mentioned below:

§ Target Therapeutic Area

§ Cardiology

§ Neurology

§ Oncology

§ Thyroid

§ Others


  • Application Area

§ Diagnostic

§ Therapeutic


§ Type of Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals




§ Type of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

§ Alpha Emitters

§ Beta Emitters

§ Others


§ Purpose of Production

§ In-House

§ Outsourcing


  • Key Geographical Region 

§ North America

§ Europe

§ Asia-Pacific and theRest of the World 


Transcriptsof interviews held with the following senior level representatives ofstakeholder companies

§ J JamesDavis, Vice President Quality / R&D, Shertech Laboratories

§  AndreasFotopoulos, Professor of Nuclear Medicine, University of Ioannina Medical School

§  JanPruim, Professor of Medical Imaging / Nuclear Medicine Physician, UniversityMedical Center of Groningen

§  Michaelvan Dam, Professor, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, Molecular &Medical Pharmacology

§ Anonymous, ITMIsotopen Technologien München


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Key QuestionsAnswered

§ Who are the leadingindustry and non-industry players engaged in the nuclear medicine andradiopharmaceutical manufacturing market?

§ For which applicationand disease indications are the radiopharmaceuticals being manufactured?

§ What are the varioustype of radionuclides being manufactured for the formulation ofradiopharmaceuticals?

§ What is the relativecompetitiveness of manufacturers involved in the nuclear medicine andradiopharmaceutical manufacturing?

§ Which partnershipmodels are commonly adopted by the radiopharmaceutical manufacturers in thisindustry?

§ What is the supplychain process for medical isotope Mo-99 / Tc-99m?

§ What are the keyfactors that are likely to influence the evolution of the nuclear medicine andradiopharmaceutical manufacturing market?        

§ How is the currentand future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key marketsegments?


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