Molecular Diagnostics - It Consists Of Detecting Genomic Variants, Thereby Facilitating Detection, Diagnosis, Classification, Prognosis, And Monitoring Therapy Responses
Molecular Diagnostics

For nucleic acid targets that can be found in a range of medical contexts, the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is in charge of developing and carrying out molecular diagnostic procedures. Investigating human, viral, and microbial genomes and the products they encode is the field of laboratory medicine known as molecular diagnostics (MDx). In all subfields of anatomic and clinical pathology, molecular diagnostic methods and platforms are becoming more and more important. The number of DNA and RNA analysis-based assays offered by clinical laboratories has increased dramatically during the past ten or more years.

The Human Genome Project was successfully completed, and the technology that resulted from that endeavor has advanced quickly from the research bench to the clinical laboratory bench. Molecular pathology and Molecular Diagnostics are expanding the breadth of information available to doctors, pharmacists, geneticists, forensic scientists, research scientists, and other healthcare professionals for the first time in the history of the diagnostic laboratory.

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