Indore police caught drug aunt's son, being interrogated at a secret place; Delhi Crime Branch had arrested a few days ago
Hemant Nagle, Indore. Yash Jain, son of Drug Aunty alias Preeti Jain, who deals in drugs, has been brought from Delhi on remand by the Indore Police. Yash was arrested by the Delhi Police a few days ago.

Mother and son were doing cocaine business

Let us tell you that the drug mafia is continuously becoming active in the city and the police will also collect other information related to this from Yash. Yash Jain and Preeti Jain were doing cocaine business for a long time in Indore. In this business, he had kept many foreign women in his gang. Where did Yash used to supply cocaine including Indore and how many members he has in Indore who are active even at present. Police is collecting detailed information about this.