In vitro ADME testing services market is likely to be worth USD 2.2 billion
Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, “InVitro ADME Testing Services Market, 2019-2030

With increasing cases of drugfailure, due to problems associated with pharmacokinetic profiles of candidatetherapies, absorption, distribution,metabolism and excretion (ADME) properties and inherent toxicity, industry players areactively looking for more advanced solutions.


Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, “InVitro ADME Testing Services Market, 2019-2030


The  report features an extensive study on the current landscapeand the likely future potential of the companies offering in vitro ADMEservices. The study features an in-depth analysis, highlighting thecapabilities of various industry stakeholders. In addition to other elements,the report includes:

§ A detailed assessmentof the current market landscape, of companies offering in vitro ADEM testingservices.  

§ A schematic logolandscape of in vitro ADMEservice providers, highlighting their geographical distribution (on the basis of location of headquarters)and company size.

§ A discussion on thevarious outsourcing business models used in this domain, along with a list ofkey considerations that need to be taken into account by industry stakeholderswhile selecting a CRO partner.

§  Elaborateprofiles of popular players that offer a wide range of in vitro ADME testing services (shortlisted on the basis of thecompany size).

§  Adetailed peer group-based benchmarking analysis, comparing the involved playersbased on several relevant parameters related to company and services.

§ A detailed analysisof the various mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in this domain,highlighting the trend in the number of companies acquired between 2005-2018

§ A discussion on thevarious regulatory guidelines related to invitro ADME testing, which have been laid down by major international /regional regulatory bodies.

§ A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of thecurrent and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listedbelow)


§ Type of Molecule

§ Small Molecules

§ Biologics


§ Type of Service

§ Absorption Testing

§ Distribution Testing

§ Metabolism andElimination Testing


§ Type of Assay

§ Caco-2 PermeabilityAssay

§ PAMPA PermeabilityAssay

§ MDCK PermeabilityAssay

§ Protein Binding Assay

§ Blood Brain BarrierAssay

§ Blood to Plasma Ratio

§ Stability / ClearanceAssay

§ Enzyme InductionAssay

§ Enzyme InhibitionAssay

§ Metabolite Profilingand Screening / Identification Assay

§ Metabolite ProductionAssay

§ Reaction PhenotypingAssay

§ TransporterInteractions Assay


§ Target TherapeuticArea

§ Blood Disorders

§ CardiovascularDisorders

§ Gastrointestinal andDigestive Disorders

§ Hormonal Disorders

§ Infectious Diseases

§ ImmunologicalDisorders

§ Metabolic Disorders

§ Mental Disorders

§ NeurologicalDisorders

§ Oncological Disorders

§ Respiratory Disorders

§ Skin Disorders

§ Urogenital Disorders

§ Others


§ Type of Sponsor

§ Industry Players

§ Non-Industry Players


§ Key GeographicalRegions

§ North America

§ Europe

§ Asia-Pacific and Restof the World


Keycompanies covered in the report

§ Albany MolecularResearch (AMRI)

§ Charles RiverLaboratories

§ PharmaceuticalProduct Development (PPD)

§ RTI International

§ Eurofins Scientific

§ Evotec

§ Galapagos

§ Tecan Group

§ GVK Biosciences

§ Pharmaron

§ Sai Life Sciences

§ Shanghai Medicilon

§ WuXi AppTec


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