How You Can Fix If Appraiserres.dll not working in Windows 11?
Right-click on the file , and choose 'Copy'. Then, go to the extract ISO folder and go to the folder 'Sources' inside it. Paste your appraiserres. DLL file to this location , and then click "Replace the file to the destination' when you are asked.

Appraiserres.dll not working in Windows 11 - A significant improvement! It is no longer required to replace the appraiserres.dll file in order to avoid the TPM test and solve the issue with installation on Windows 11. You can simply remove the appraiserres.dll file prior to starting the installation. Do not be concerned if you receive an error message that reads "This PC can't run Windows 11". This doesn't mean that your system can't be running Windows 11 or that it does not meet the requirements of the system or the compatibility test. No matter if you attempted installing Windows 11 in a virtual environment with VirtualBox and not. The two options given below will solve the problems that led to the error. One option involves replacing appraiserres.dll within the Windows 11 installation folder, as well as to play with various VirtualBox configurations.