How to make a presentation – Preparation tips
The better you understand your audience’s goals and concerns, the more likely you are to achieve your objective and your desired outcomes. And the better able you will be to measure those successes and quite often you will receive real time feedback from your audiences body language,
Keep in mind the fundamentals of audience preparation for presentations.

We all keep in mind the fundamentals while putting together presentation: what you want to say, the information you need to support it, and any relevant images. 
What about the audience you're presenting to, though? 
You can better understand your audience and tailor your message to their needs by reading the extract that follows from the book Presentations.

The presentation is made for the audience.

Your chances of achieving your goal and getting the results you want increase as you become more aware of the objectives and concerns of your audience. 

And the more frequently you will get real-time feedback from your audiences' body language, expressions, and other cues, the better able you will be to measure those triumphs. Find a presentation designer to make a professional and interactive ppt designer for your business,