How to Get Training to Cover 100 Miles With Your Bike
Preparation is the key to every 100-mile London to Paris Bike Rides success.

Rarely, if ever, do people invest much time or money in a training programme. This is essential for increasing your likelihood of finishing long rides successfully. It goes without saying that the equipment you use is vital, but just as with a car or a motorcycle, the difference-making factor is the engine. This is more crucial during a lengthy journey.

This article offers 5 essential pointers for preparing to ride a bike more than 100 miles.

1. Planning

Preparation is the key to every 100-mile London to Paris Bike Rides success. You must get your body in a state that will allow you to finish the ride. Having an intelligent and thorough training plan is the key to achieving this. It is erroneous to believe that riding as frequently as possible will be sufficient to get you in condition for such a physically demanding test.

2. Diet

A healthy diet is crucial for two reasons: first, it makes training more successful, and second, it's beneficial for your overall health. In order to get the best fitness results from your cycling training diet, you must balance the correct nutrients.

3. Exercise Program

As you prepare for your ride, be sure to focus on the fitness areas you need to improve. Make sure your objectives are clear; for example, that you're working to increase your strength and endurance so you can ride comfortably.

Therefore, it is useless to concentrate on activities that address other aspects of health, such as weight loss alone. Keep this in mind when you visit the gym or engage in other fitness-related activities. Make sure your ride is producing the best and most relevant outcomes possible.

The ideal regimen is one that increases your strength and endurance.

4. Work out wisely, not hard.


The most important thing is to act morally, not to do a lot of things. To achieve the required results, you must comprehend the ideal training methods. If you follow this advice, you will train less than Charity Bicycle Rides yet benefit more throughout the journey.

5. Track your development.

Last but not least, be sure to routinely check to see if your training objectives have been met. You will stay motivated and be inspired to push yourself farther if you can see that you are meeting or exceeding them.


No matter your skill level, having the right training programme is essential. Also, don't forget that the engine is more important than just the bike.