Finding the right CDL training school near you can be challenging especially if you have not done your research about the trucking industry.

Finding the right CDL training school near you


Get a CDL and start your career right away.


Choosing a profession can be tough especially when you aim to earn good money without having to invest a huge amount. While most choose to attend college and take a 4+ year course to be able to get into a job later, some choose the smart way of getting a commercial driver's license and start a career within few weeks. Earning a commercial driver's license (CDL) is the best alternative to attending college and investing big money. Graduating from a CDL truck driving school is one of the most essential steps of getting a commercial license. CDL training is the step that you take towards becoming a skilled and professional driver who can coverlong distances with cargo.


Punjab Truck Driving School, based in Fresno, California, and Utah, is the ideal destination for all aspiring truck drivers requiring professional CDL training before finally taking a road test and getting the commercial driver's license. If you are hoping for a long-lasting career in trucking, thequality of your CDL training is important and it matters to all the employers. Finding the right Class A CDL training school can be challenging especially if you have not done your research about the trucking industry.Exploring your options and knowing the best about the business, truck driving schools near you, etc. is crucial to be able to start your career smartly and successfully. To find the right truck driving school, a whole lot of knowledge and fact check is required so that the process of acquiring a CDL is hassle-free and you know that your future and money are in safehands.


How rewarding is the trucking industry?

Trucking is considered as America's backbone. The industry has so much to offer that the day to day business of online deliveries and bulk deliveries to stores, cannot be possible if big commercial trucks are eliminated out of the system. No commercial trucking means it will become difficult for America to carry on with the easy availability of anything and everything. And so, the country needs truck drivers. It is a well-known fact that truck drivers earn a better than decent amount of money than the ones who attend college for years. And what is even better is that the investment or fee put into getting a CDL license is even less than half of the amount paid for a college degree. So if you have made up your mind about taking a step forward in your trucking career, the only thing that you need to be very picky about is selecting the CDL truck driving school.


What to consider before choosing the truck driving school?

It takes a lot of hard work to earn a CDL as trucking is a skill-based profession. Truck drivers are no different when it comes to honing their skills just as a doctor or lawyer would be required to do. This means that anybody who knows how to drive may not necessarily be able to drive a big truck as that requires a specific set of skills and training. Also, your income depends on what kind of CDL training have you gone through. Trucking companies don't hire drivers just because they hold a CDL, the main criteria of an employer are not just to check whether you can operate a truck, but also if you can operate it safely. So before selecting the driving school for your training, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.


1. Price: Pricing is one of the first factors that decide anything we buy or invest in. Similarly, while choosing a CDL training school affordability should be a key deciding factor. Generally, it is better to compare the prices of nearby schools in which a difference of $500 or more is noticed. If the price seems too high, then instead of straight away canceling the consideration, it is better to ask for financial aids or grants the school offers.


2. Location: The proximity of the driving school from your residence is another important deciding factor. Some driving schools like ours, offer hostel facilities for students from far off places. But if you don't have that option of moving to a hostel, then always consider a training school which is close to your location.


3. Drive Time: Driving time is the time that a learner gets in control of the truck. It may not necessarily be the time that you get to drive the truck, but also the time that you take observing another driver or student. Ideally, the driving time should be around 32 hours per week and not less than that.


4. Quality of training: The quality of training should be refined, which means that the CDL training should be provided in a way that no more than 4-5 students are assigned to a driver. For careful monitoring of each student, the trainer should be able to give equal attention to each to be able to rectify mistakes and so a handful of students should be given to each trainer.


5. Instructor's approach: A good truck driving school hires and works with instructors who are skilled, professional, compassionate, and good at instructing the students. A good instructor will have updated knowledge about trends and changes in the industry and will ensure that the students do not only learn how to drive a truck but also how to holistically learn about trucking.


Punjab Truck Driving School in California and Utah's most recommended driving school if the learner aims to get a CDL quickly, that too with very less investment. We promise quality training by the best in the business instructors. Also, offering facilities like hostel accommodation and airport pick and drop, the students' comfort is prioritized by our faculty. A successful truck driving career is ahead of you, grab the opportunity now. To get in touch with us for further queries, feel free to reach our website or drop us an e-mail anytime.


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