How Do I Fix If Firefox is Freezing or Unresponsive in Window 11?
Firefox provides a variety of options for customization, features as well as a unique collection of extensions. Sometimes it can throw up an issue or two. If Firefox isn't responding properly when you use it's Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system, you'll have to figure out the issue. If Firefox is slow or freezes when it is taking too long to load websites, it's an issue should not be ignored. We've put together a list of ways to bring Firefox to a normal state.

Firefox is Freezing or Unresponsive in Window 11 - Windows 11 is still in stages of development, and as the result, users may have issues when certain functions of the software are stuck, or Firefox randomly stops working. The issue isn't limited only to Windows 11 devices, but it is a problem that persists on Windows 10 devices as well. In the majority of cases it's just glitches with software that can be solved automatically when you restart the software. In some cases users may need to reboot their computer to make the necessary software running.