Hinge Review - Is It The Ultimate Dating App For 2022?
You're reading a Hinge review, so chances are you find the idea of a non-swiping dating app intriguing. Instead of taking Tinder’s quantity over quality approach, Hinge’s format allows users to focus on a small number of profiles at a time.

Hinge Review - Is It The Ultimate Dating App For 2022?

You're reading a Hinge review, so chances are you find the idea of a non-swiping dating app intriguing. Instead of taking Tinder’s quantity over quality approach, Hinge’s format allows users to focus on a small number of profiles at a time.

If you’re serious about finding a relationship, Hinge might just be the app for you. This app was redesigned specifically for millennials who want a long-term relationship, rather than casual dating or hookups.

Hinge Review Table of Contents:

How Hinge Works: Features & Matching

Pros & Cons Of Hinge

Hinge App Cost & Ala Carte Purchases

Setting Up Your Hinge Profile

This Hinge review has everything you need to know about using the Hinge app!

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How Hinge Works: Features & Matching

Starting a dating app conversation just got easier! You can see your suggested matches by going to the “Discover” section. If you're intrigued by what you see, tap the heart icon.

Hinge lets you comment on or “like” a photo, video or profile section. You can also send a rose to indicate interest (more on roses later on in this Hinge review). If the other person replies to your comment or likes you back, a connection is made and you can start a conversation.

Free users can "like" up to 10 profiles a day.

If you’re not interested, simply tap the "X" icon and your next match will pop up.

Your Standouts Feed

Tapping the star icon at the bottom of the screen brings up your Standouts feed. This special section showcases a prompt or photo from a handful of users, typically around 10.

The Standouts algorithm pulls from data it collects while you interact with the Discover feed. You’ll get new Standouts daily, and sending a rose indicates your interest.

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Likes You On Hinge

When another user expresses interest in you by commenting on your photos or stories, you'll have the opportunity to match with them in the “Likes You” section.


If you’re interested, tap the conversation icon to respond to their comment.

Date From Home

At any point after you’ve matched with someone, you can use Hinge's “Date From Home” feature to indicate you’re interested in having a phone or video chat.


All you need to do is set your status to “Ready” by tapping the “Date From Home” button on the bottom of the messaging screen. As soon as your match changes their status to “Ready” as well, you’ll both get a notification and you can schedule the call.

Hinge allows users to video chat within the app, but both you *and* your match need to have sent at least one message first. Note that a "like" or any initial comment you included with your like doesn't count.

Hinge Video Prompts

If you're stuck for something to say during your video chat, Hinge's Video Prompts feature can help the conversation keep flowing smoothly. The Video Prompt feature allows users to choose a conversation theme from a menu of 8. Each conversation theme includes 5 prompts that will pop up on the screen during the video chat.


Marketed as a "virtual vibe check," the Video Prompts range from icebreaker-style questions to an "interactive" option that takes you and your match on a mini scavenger hunt throughout your homes.


During your in-app video call, the Video Prompts icon is visible to both participants.


To activate the feature, either you or your match taps that icon and selects which of the themes to use. The same prompt card will be visible to both of you at the same time. When you're ready for the next prompt to answer, simply swipe on the screen to the next card and both of you see the next one.


(Nervous about tapping that camera icon? Check out these effective video chatting tips!)

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Hinge Filters

The filters you can use to screen your matches depend on what type of member you are, and how much of your profile is completed.


Free members can filter their matches using these criteria:

You can classify any of your preferences as a dealbreaker, meaning Hinge won't show you matches outside that range no matter how otherwise compatible they are.


Preferred members can access these additional filters:

If you're looking for marriage material, pre-screening your matches with filters like Family Plans and Children could save you a lot of time.

Hinge's Most Compatible Feature

Hinge also highlights what it calls your “Most Compatible” matches:

According to the app, you’re 8 times more likely to actually go on a date with a Most Compatible match than you are any other Hinge member.


Unlike most dating sites, Hinge tracks success out in the real world as well, thanks to a feature called “We Met.”


A few days after users exchange phone numbers, Hinge inquires if you went on a date, and if you did, whether or not you’d like to see the person again. Don’t worry - your input isn’t shared with your match.

And while it may seem as though Hinge is starting to sound a lot like your mom, answering the questions is beneficial. Your input as to the match quality will help hone the algorithm, and identify other Hinge users you may be most compatible with.


As Hinge CEO Justin McLeod told TechCrunch:


Ultimately, if you went on a date with someone and you thought they were great, that’s the strongest signal that we’ve gotten very close to your type of person. So if there are more people like that person, we can show them to you.

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