Here's What You Should Learn About Bounce Rate and Its Role In SEO
A high bounce rate often makes companies and site owners restless. This is because it means that something is wrong with your site and you need to change it!

The impact of bounce rate on SEO is not so discussed, maybe because it's not directly related. But, bounce rate does impact SEO, and even the Best PPC Agency in Delhi would agree to that.

But, what exactly is the Bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of total visitors to a website who leave it without any noticeable act. These acts may include clicking on any link, subscribing, filling in some required details or survey, or making any transaction when the visitors leave your site without doing any such action. The bounce rate of your site increases.

Before understanding how bounce rate affects your SEO, you must know the reason behind why people bounce your site.

Why do people leave or bounce a site?

There may be many reasons for a visitor to bounce from a site. Here we list some of the reasons.

● A not so interactive, attractive and interface

It is crucial to work on your site's aesthetics, load time, speed of navigation, and other UX aspects. This enhances the user experience of your site.

● All the required content is on one page.

Sometimes, the page at which the user arrives contains all the information that he requires. In this case, he uses the information and leaves.

● Technical issues

Sometimes, technical issues and errors such as 404, 303, and other bugs make your site temporarily unreachable.

● Irrelevant Content

The content that your site provides may be irrelevant to the user. Thus, he leaves.

What is a satisfactory bounce rate?

A bounce rate below 40% is considered a reasonable bounce rate, while 40 to 55% is okay. That between 55 to 80% is a sign of alert and needs to be improved.  A bounce rate above 80% is not at all acceptable and hints at some serious issue that needs to be fixed urgently.

How is Bounce Rate related to your site's quality and SEO?

By now, you must have realized that except for some of the technical glitches, it's primarily because of some discrepancy from your side in the form of content or the UX or something else that makes your site's bounce rate high.

So, indeed bounce rate is intricately related to either your site's SEO or content's quality. If your content is relevant and useful to the customer, it is unlikely that he will leave it without having a read and doing some activity on the page.

Also, one of the most important reasons for the bounce rate of your site being high can be the poor SEO of your site. It results in your site not being visible to those who need it, but those who might not want something even close to it! SEO is a potent tool used for making the content relevant. Thus, not using it correctly may land you up in trouble!

How can you reduce the Bounce Rate of your site?

1. Improve the content and use SEO

Make your content relevant for the readers and ensure that it is up to date. Search Engine Optimisation will help the correct readers find your page and help reduce the bounce rate manifold.

2. Improve page load time and look out for technical errors

The user experience that you provide is a deciding factor for the reader to stay on your page. If the site takes too much time to load or show an error, the user will exit it without giving a second thought! So, try to improve on the loading time and keep a check on the technical aspects. Make sure to check the device compatibility as well.

3. Pay attention to UX

The aesthetics of your site is another factor that will keep the reader engaged. Make your site more engaging. Try to include pictures and backgrounds and beautiful things on the page! Also, avoid pop-ups.


Even though your site's Bounce rate might not point directly to a poor SEO of the site, in most cases, it is the SEO indeed. If your site's bounce rate is also high, you should contact SEO Services in Delhi, who would work out your site content and recreate it to perform much better.