Genotoxicity / Mutagenicity Testing Service Providers - Market Landscape
Genotoxicity refers to the evaluation of detrimental effects of chemical or physical agents on the genetic processes and related hereditary material of living cells.

During our research, we were able to identify the presence of more than 80 players that are engaged in offering services across the globe.


Majority of the genotoxicity / mutagenicity testing service providers (40%) engaged in this domain were established pre-1991. This is indicative of the growing interest of stakeholders in this domain. Examples of recently established companies include (post-2010, in alphabetical order) Admescope (2011), Anax Laboratories (2012) and Aragen Life Sciences (2021). Additionally, 14% companies have entered this domain between 1991 and 2000, indicating that the market is driven by efforts of well-established players as well. At present, more than 80 players offer a variety of assays, such as Ames assay, micronucleus assay, chromosomal aberration test, genetic mutation assay and comet assay, which can be used to evaluate the genetic toxicity of a substance.


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Further, it was observed that majority of service providers are based in Asia-Pacific (49%), followed by players based in North America (30%) and Europe (21%). The current market landscape is dominated by the presence of mid-sized organization (43%). Notable examples include (in alphabetical order) Anax Laboratories and CSIR – Indian Institute of Toxicology.


Further, genotoxicity / mutagenicity testing service providers, focuses on providing services to a wide range of industries, primarily includes healthcare industry (96%) followed by chemical industry (46%). It is worth noting that organizations such as Cadila Pharmaceuticals and DigilanceBio offer services for all types of industries.


According to our proprietary scoring criteria, in North America, Crown Biosciences has emerged to be relatively superior, in terms of company strength. The firm offer service through in vivo type of assay.


Further, Charles River Laboratories emerged as one of the prominent player offering both in vivo and in vitro assays. The platform has capability to offer services through different assay(s) / test(s) including Ames Test, micronucleus test, chromosomal aberration test, genetic mutation test and comet assay.



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