finish services market for biologics is anticipated to be worth USD 4.2 billion by 2030, predicts Roots Analysis
A steadily growing demand for biologic fill / finish services has generated a range of new opportunities for contract service providers; stakeholders have invested heavily to ensure product integrity and safety

A steadily growingdemand for biologic fill / finish services has generated a range of newopportunities for contract service providers; stakeholders have investedheavily to ensure product integrity and safety


Roots Analysis is pleased toannounce the publication of its recent study, titled, “BiologicsFill / Finish Services Market, 2019-2030.


The report features an extensive study on thecontract service providers offering drug product manufacturing services withinthe biopharmaceutical industry. The study features in-depth analysis,highlighting the capabilities of a diverse set of companies that claim tospecialize in fill / finish operations. Amongst other elements, the reportincludes:

§ A detailed review ofthe overall landscape of contract fill / finish services market forbiopharmaceuticals. 

§ A region-wise,company competitiveness analysis, highlighting prominent fill / finish serviceproviders across various packaging types.

§ Elaborate profiles ofkey players across key geographies (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific).

§ An analysis of therecent collaborations (signed since 2013) focused on the contract fill / finishservices for biologics.

§ A detailed analysisof the expansions undertaken (since 2013) by various service providers foraugmenting their respective fill / finish service portfolios.

§ An estimate of theglobal contract fill / finish capacity, by taking into consideration the capacitiesof various fill / finish service providers.

§ An informed estimateof the annual demand for fill / finish of biologics, taking into account thetop 20 biologics.

§ An analysis toidentify the key performance indicators for service providers active in thedomain.

§ A case study tohighlight the benefits of using robotic / automated equipment for aseptic fill/ finish processes.

§ A case study tohighlight the role of ready-to-use packaging containers in aseptic fill /finish operations.

§ A discussion on thepotential growth areas and recent trends impacting the outsourcing potentialfor biopharmaceuticals.

§ A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of thecurrent and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listedbelow)

§  Types of Primary Packaging Containers

§  Ampoules

§  Cartridges

§  Syringes

§  Vials

§  Types of Biologics

§  Peptides / proteins

§  Antibodies

§  Vaccines

§  Cell therapies

§  Gene therapies

§  Viral products

§  Oligonucleotides

§  Others


§  Company Size

§  Small-sized

§  Mid-sized

§  Large / very large


§  Scale of Operation

§  Preclinical

§  Clinical

§  Commercial


§  Key Therapeutic Areas

§  Cancer

§  Infectious diseases

§  Autoimmune diseases

§  Cardiovascular diseases

§  Other indications


§  Key Geographical Regions

§  North America (US, Canada)

§  Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain andrest of the Europe)

§  Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, South Korea, Indiaand Australia)


Thereport features inputs from a number of eminent industry stakeholders,according to whom, “Currently, majority of biologics are being filled in vials,however, the scenario is likely to change in the future due to the growingdemand and preference for self-administration devices.” The report featuresdetailed transcripts of discussions held with the following experts:

§ AlesSima, Business Development Manager, oncomed manufacturing 

§ GregorKawaletz, Chief Commercial Officer, IDT Biologika

§ JosVergeest, International Business Developer, HALIX

§ PurushottamSingnurkar, Research Director and Head of Formulation Development, Syngene International


Keycompanies covered in the report

§  Advanced BioScience Laboratories(ABL)

§  Albany Molecular Research (AMRI)

§  Biocon

§  BioPharma Solutions

§  BioReliance

§  Boehringer IngelheimBioXcellence

§  ChemPartner

§  Emergent BioSolutions

§  IDT Biologika

§  Lonza

§  LuinaBio

§  Mycenax Biotech

§  Patheon

§  Recipharm

§  Vetter Pharma

§  WuXi Biologics


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