Common Marriage Problems that Astrology Can Resolve
We discuss the common marriage problems and the astrological solutions for them. Compatibility is a major factor in a successful marriage.

Marriage is a gloriousinstitution but it needs to have divinity unless which it can end up as adisaster. To have a successful marriage, both parties need to have something incommon to share with. Despite being blissful in the initial stages, a maritalrelationship can move to a clash or become problematic in the later stagesunless both husband and wife do not wish to accommodate each other. 


To resolve the disputes inmarital life, astrology has got a major role. Before the marriage, it isimportant to match kundalis or horoscopes and analyze whether they arecompatible with each other. Vedic astrology states that a marriage can be successful only when the horoscopesmatch. 


No one wants the marriage toend up as a fiasco. It is crucial that you know the common problems thatcommonly afflict most married couples to avoid them in your life. And ensurewhen the problems arise, you need to resolve them in the initial stages beforethey go out of control.

Luckily for us, Vedic astrology suggests successful remedies to resolve maritaldisputes.

Common problems every married couplefaces:

1. The lack of willingness to understandeach other is a major problem that leads to marital clashes. You need to checkthe compatibility before marriage to ensure the relationship will lastlong. 


2. Financial or family disputes can alsopave the way to a failed marriage. Often these issues impact the love and bondbetween partners and astrology can successfully resolve this issue bysuggesting remedies.

3. Extramarital affair and negligence ofone’s partner may cause a conflict in the relationship. By studying themarriage horoscope, you can understand the problems and solutions to resolvethe crisis. 

4. Misunderstandings or money-relatedissues can also cause a distance between two individuals. An astrologer can readthe horoscopes to identify the root cause and suggest ways to resolve thisproblem.

5. A marriage can have difficulties whenthe couple lacks intimacy between them. When you feel there is an absence of intimacy, you should consult for astrological solutions. 

6. Bitter relationships between partnerscan end up in a separation.

7. The issues between in-laws and girlscan also be a reason for a troubled marriage. By studying the horoscope, you will understand the severity of the issue and remedies. 

8. The absence of chemistry orcompatibility can also lead to disharmony in relation.


A troubled marriage may be aresult of an issue that can be easily resolved by an astrologer. This is because; Vedic astrology has got solutions for all problems in life, including marriage. Whenever a couple faces troubles in their nuptial relationship, the best way to resolve it is to consult an astrologer and check the horoscopes.


How good astrology is in resolving the crisis in marriage?

Everyone prefers saving the relationship and the best way to do it is to consult an expert astrologer. He can guide you to resolve the crisis through a series of remedies. He will check the kundalis of both husband and wife to analyze the depth of the problem and will suggest ways to fill the gap. For example, the wife observing a fast on Thursday will better the understanding between the couple. And a husband fasting on Friday will put an end to the extramarital affair of the wife. Even freeing caged birds can augment the marital relationship between the husband and wife.


Will online astrology help you resolve marital crises?

Online astrology is highly effective to resolve the marital crisis. You can connect with an expert astrologer and obtain online future predictions related to the marriage and understand where the relation heading to. Looking at the horoscopes, an expert astrologer can predict online solutions to resolve the crisis and have a happy married life ahead.