Stay ahead of the trends to make an effect on your app’s user experience. Take a look at these mobile apps design trends that will dominate the app market.


Over recent years, we’ve witnessed advancements in technologies that are changing user interactions with brands. The rise of virtual business along with the progress in advanced technologies such as AI, ML, will open a new world of online experiences beyond a graphic screen. In 2022, mobile internet usage is approx 50% and the revenue generated from mobile apps reached $700 billion. If you want to keep up with the time then you have to follow the latest mobile app design trends. Let’s check out some popular mobile UI trends that are expected to dominate in 2022.

3D graphics is becoming a popular design trend as it allows designers to create amazing effects and animations. In fact, it appears to be well on its way to replacing the flat design style that has dominated the last decade. 3D animation permeates every aspect of the brand’s identity. It provides users a better user experience, keeps their applications compatible with old devices. 

The dark mode is the latest theme, playing a major role in user experience. It reduces screen fatigue and eye- strain. This theme looks modern, elegant, and ubiquitous. With dark mode, you can integrate some additional features that will make your mobile app user-friendly and stand out. 

The next design trend is neumorphism, delivering an entirely great experience for users. Designers utilize this trend to create an interface that delivered a wow factor.  They blend the virtual and real worlds by utilizing real-world content in the virtual interfaces. 

Businesses should leverage this technology to boost their brand identity. Add illustrations to your mobile app design to convey your ideas clearly. Adding illustrations can help reduce the amount of text on the mobile screen and boost user interaction with the app. 

Voice interaction is one of the best app design trends that significantly improves user experience. VUIs allow users to interact with the UI through voice commands, thus eliminating the need to type through the interface. The best examples of VUIs are voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, causing ripples in UX/UI design. 

With technological advancement, it would be wrong to neglect them. The latest technologies allow people to forget their passwords. So, it’s good to integrate such technologies into your mobile apps development project. This functionality has become a popular mobile app UI trend to look out for in 2022. 

Choosing the right font is one of the crucial elements of design. Good typography plays a major role in creating the best user experience. Therefore, fonts have become the latest Mobile UI trends 2022. Use good typography to make your design stand out and attract more users to your app. 

The latest app design trend insists on using futuristic colors. It grabs the attention of users to the most important design elements. Also, futuristic colors help to look different from other neutral colors. 

Micro-interactions are events that have the purpose to delight the user, creating small moments that are engaging. Animations are one of the best examples of micro-interactions.  

Adding some animated effects to your design can enhance the UI of your mobile app while making the interface dynamic. With the help of animated effects, you can highlight your app features, drive sales, and maximize conversions. Most web designing company use animations and videos to make their apps more attractive. 

Serif fonts are the best app design trends for 2022. These fonts are the best choice for boosting your brand identity with a sense of elegance. Serif fonts are becoming popular because they make your text look more attractive and readable. Since the letters stand out clearly, it gets easier for the brain to remember the words. Some popular serif fonts include Recoleta, Blacker, Hermann, and Linotype Didot.

Designers utilize transparent elements to generate a sense of depth in their design. If you want to gain maximum depth of your app design, then you should implement this trend. Transparency in design help make it more appealing while allowing elements to communicate unexpectedly.  

There is no unique design that will work for every business. The best app design is one that follows all the latest trends. Mobile apps are quickly overtaking the Internet as more uses are using them for different purposes. 

So, utilize these mobile app design trends in 2022 to make your business application successful and increase your brand awareness. Trends never stay the same. Every year, some of the design trends go out of date and replace with new ones. If you want to make a dramatic impact on your mobile app users and enhance user experience, you must follow the latest design trends. Stay updated with the latest UX/UI trends to attract more customers and enhance user experience. 

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