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National Freight Logistics Inc is providing the freight shipping services, delivering FTL, LTL, Intermodal shipping services.

National Freight Logistics

Based in Fresno, California, National Freight Logistics Inc. has been working in the freight industry for 15 years. It is now a premier organization for people looking for a third-party logistics service in America. From taking baby steps to making leaps and bounds in consolidating its role in the supply chain systems, the company has prioritized innovation with integrity in every step along the way.


At National Freight Logistics Inc, we strive for expertise and forthrightness in our multimodal transportation management system. We take pride in our dedication to delivering customized and need-sensitive supply chain solutions that are smart and strategic. The best results are bound to be realized when solutions are tailor-made to resolve your unique problems.

Freight Shipping Company

National Freight LogisticsInc. is one of the best freight brokers in Fresno, California. At our company, we pay close attention to experience and expertise before having someone on board. We intensely follow a customer-centric approach and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by always going an extra mile for fulfilling specific requirements. National Freight Logistics Inc. stands out as the premier organization for people looking for a third-party logistics service in America. We acknowledge the importance of technology - an accurate and fast flow of information is a crucial aspect of our company to ensure a smooth yet predictable movement of your freight. Our technology strategy is designed to provide you with proper transport management, giving you the ultimate solution for all your supply chain visibility and management needs.