Top Best Child Care Nursery in Abu Dhabi - Spring Fields
Following the guidelines within the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Birth to Three Matters, we are committed to ensuring that we comply with the learning and development goals by ensuring strong delivery of the curriculum.

Top Best Child Care Nursery in Abu Dhabi - Spring Fields

Cooking is such a fun way to learn as well as a time to bond with your child. At Spring Fields Nursery in Abu Dhabi we offer weekly cooking classes for the children. It’s not just about the experience with the food but everything that surrounds it that encapsulates the whole process. It might get a little messy but it will bring a lot of smiles and fun. Having fun with food also exposes a child to a variety of foods and tastes and encourages eating.

Our preschool teachers at spring fields nursery in Abu Dhabi use the cooking session as a tool to allow your child to gain a sense of independence and achievement. These can be things like spreading jam or butter on toast, cracking an egg and whisking it, pouring milk into a glass, washing vegetables, or rolling out dough as a start.

We encourage you to try this at home. You could start off by looking through a recipe book together or going online to look at pictures of things you would like to make (cupcakes and cookies are always a winner!). Go through the kitchen looking for all the ingredients together and count out as you put them in the bowl. Mixing all the ingredients together and watching them incorporate is fascinating, and what’s even more intriguing is seeing it all change into a cupcake once you take it out of the oven. If you are able to keep the cupcakes safe whilst they are cooling… decorating is the best part; using colorful icing and sprinkles, lets their imaginations go.

Then have fun laying out the table together and get ready for your feast!