The Cost of Life Without Anti-Venom: Exploring the Consequences of Venomous Snakebites
Anti-venom Market

Despite the life-saving potential of anti-venom, there are several challenges associated with its production and distribution. One of the main challenges is the cost of production. Creating Anti-Venom is a complex process that requires specialized facilities, equipment, and skilled personnel. Additionally, the need to use live animals in the production process can also make it more expensive and time-consuming.

Another challenge is the distribution of anti-venom. In many regions where snakebites are common, there are often limited resources and infrastructure for distributing medical supplies, including anti-venom. This can result in delays in treatment, which can be life-threatening for snakebite victims. Additionally, there is a risk of adverse reactions to anti-venom, which can range from mild allergic reactions to life-threatening anaphylaxis. This risk can be higher with polyvalent anti-venom, as it contains antibodies from multiple species of snakes.


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