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What are the Best Used iPhones to Buy in 2022


    Most consumers have a general suspicion about what are the best-used iPhones to buy in 2022. That is, should he buy a new iPhone or a used iPhone? (Because he thinks a little about the price). Well, that's the main question. If you are buying a new iPhone, you have only one price option in mind (I only need the latest model). But at the same time as you think about buying a used iPhone, you can see a wide range of options, This could be different models for the same price like Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 13 pro-Max at just 99$ (Never happened), anyway If we are thinking of buying a used device we have the options like the big-screen models, small screen models, notch screen models, and no screen models… Ohh, Apple has never made it like this, maybe come in the future (I hope that never happens). Anyway, we can get these used phones at low prices.

     We can see that iPhones have a pre-owned classification. So, do you want to buy new or used ones?  Let us discuss the best and most affordable iPhones to buy in 2022.



  1.            The best-used iPhone for work purposes

 This category includes people who use iPhones as a secondary phone for work purposes, so these people want to use the phone for many communication needs like lots of incoming calls, outgoing calls, and messages and these people want to use the phone continuously, so the work purpose do not need a big-screen phone, but they want better performance (no hang for continuous use), and good battery life. In the case of the iPhone, you may be disappointed with the battery life. However, I would recommend smaller screen phones like the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8.

The pros are:

·         Low price (Buy AED-349/-)

·         Small screen

·         Easy to use

·         Lightweight

·         Quick performance



·         Need to carry a power bank


Tip: The iPhone 7 has a metal back, the iPhone 8 has a glass back, and the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging. So go for the iPhone 8. These models are available at the lowest prices in Universal Telecom. Price starting from AED-349 / -




2.   The Best Used iPhone for Business Men


Security… Comfort ... Battery, so people in this category want to keep their files safe and use the best-upgraded iPhones ever.  They need better comfortable phones and better battery life. They do not need a phone with a big screen, but they want a phone with better quality and better performance. I strongly recommend phones like, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 13 pro.  These models are the best phones in the segment (better chipset, better battery life, better security).


The pros are:

·         Low price (Price starts AED-1529/-)

·         Easy to use

·         Comfort

·         Notched Display

·         Wireless charging


The cons are:

·         More Weight (Based on other models)

Tip: Buy from Universal Telecom. Price starts from AED 1529 / - and you can replace it within 30 days if you have any complaints.


  3. The Best Used iPhone for Gaming

Are you a mobile game player? So you need a big screen display and the best chipset. Well, let's take a look at some of the best iPhones that can help you play smoothly. The main features of the gaming iPhone are better chipset, better battery life, and display, So this segment includes iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, this phones have a 6.5-inch display. These devices come at a high price but don’t be afraid, let's check a couple of months used. That should be half the price of a new iPhone.


The pros are:

·         Large Display (OLED Display)

·         Wireless charging

·         Better battery life

·         Best chipset

·         Quick Performance


The Cons are:

·         Overweight

·         Surprisingly thick –  especially if you put a pouch


    4. The Best Used iPhone for Photography

    Smile, please ... If you want to take great shots, iPhones are the best destination for you. The phones are iPhone 11  series and iPhone 12 series, and also the 13 series. The 12 MP lenses can shot extraordinary clicks and also these phones have the best battery life. Keep in mind that not all of these phones can accept 5G data signals excluding iPhone 13 series.


The pros are:

·         12 MP Triple rear camera

·         Excellent shot

·         OLED Display

·         Best battery performance



·         Thickness

·         Overweight (Based on other Mobiles)



1.       Is it reliable to buy a used iPhone in Universal Telecom? 

Ans: Yes, Universal Telecom only sell the best quality iPhones because we have graded the iPhones by grade. That’s are pre-owned A+, Pre-Owned A, and Pre-Owned B, so you can choose which graded iPhone you need. We provide Cash on delivery and replacement warranty for used iPhones, so you can pay after receiving the product, and if the product has any complaints we will replace the product. This is the trust we place in our current 1000 customers. So you can buy without a doubt.