Benefits of a Standing Desk
Standing desk can help solve many health problem injured by long time sitting.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Today I would like to share with you how I moved from sitting to standing. Talk about my experience with an adjustable standing desk, why they are needed, and how great they are!

But first, a little talk about why an adjustable standing desk is so important to my work lifestyle.

I don't think I've leaked this information, but ... I'm a hard worker. I like to work. There is no busy bee job, but tasks and activities lead to the big picture and achievement. Achieving these milestones in a project motivates me. But don't worry. I won't die at the desk because her husband Peter persuaded me to charge, relax and take the time to do nothing. This is strange because Peter also loves work.

Currently, I'm focusing on my responsibilities as blogger and president of a digital agency, spending most of my day on computers.

It can take more than 10 hours a day.

For most people, being in front of a computer usually means sitting. Sitting without rest is very bad for your health. These long hours of computer use may also be due to the pressure you may feel on your shoulders as I do.

This will return you to the point of today's post. I would like to share with you how we solved this seating problem.

The problem of sitting too long

Sitting for long periods of time often negatively impacts energy, health, and overall productivity. Many studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can have many negative effects on our health.

So you may be wondering what's wrong with sitting still?

Sitting for more than 6 hours a day increases your risk of dying from heart disease by 64%. The overall risk of prostate or breast cancer is increased by 30%. Increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. If you continue treatment for a long time, you will lose valuable years.

This is terrible.

When you are sitting, your body uses very little energy and the electrical activity of your muscles is flat. You are basically powering up your body. Your body no longer produces lipoprotein lipase and other molecules that are released when you get up and move around. Heart rate, cholesterol levels, and calories burned are all reduced. When these important molecules fall, your body suffers.

Needless to say, I sat down in a chair with reduced interest and concentration.

So how do you stop these terrible consequences of sitting in a chair? I like to upgrade to a standing desk or an adjustable standing desk.

Positive effect of standing desk

In addition to reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, there are other positive side effects.

More energy! You can't sit at your desk when you wake up! Your mind is more careful, your body moves, your blood flows. Also, as your muscles engage, you will be more vigilant.

Challenge your back muscles to improve your posture. I can't crouch while standing and I'm in a great posture, which relieves my shoulder tension (two weeks after me).

You can focus on your work and be more productive.