25 Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs of 2022 in Dubai
The kitchen is a popular space in most homes, and it's no wonder why. It's the place where families get together to cook great food for dinner or breakfast, and it's the heart of home life. But over time, kitchens have evolved; they are no longer just utilitarian spaces with basic appliances and traditional cabinets.

Modern cabinet design ideas can make your kitchen look more stylish while also serving its original purpose: to be an efficient workspace that serves as storage for all of your family-friendly cooking needs. The following Modern Kitchen cabinet design ideas will show you how beautiful cabinets can be on top of being functional.


1. Chippendale Cabinets

Classic Kitchen by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

These cabinets are named after the Chippendale furniture style, which is characterized by its intricate carvings and curves. Chippendale cabinets usually have a dark wood finish with lighter highlights, giving them a rich look that will elevate the overall design of your kitchen.




2. Frosted Glass Cabinets

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Frosted glass cabinets may not be as see-through as regular old glass, but their semi-opaque finish still lets you see what's inside without having to pull out every single item. The best part is that frosted glass cabinets can come in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your kitchen with unique accents.


3. Cabinets with a Tinted Finish

Kitchen Cabinets with Tinted Finish by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

When you paint your cabinets, don't settle for one solid color. Mix different tints to create an ombré like effect like the ones above. Different tints will allow you to experiment with various shades and hues of your favorite color. To help you decide which tints work for you, just print out a picture of the color palette and place it on your cabinets.


4. Wooden Panels Cabinets

Wooden Panel Cabinets by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

If paint colors are too basic for your tastes, try adding wooden panels with unique details to your cabinets. Framed elements such as tiles or stone and latticework and veneer allow you to add a stylish flair to your cabinets.


5. Unfinished Cabinets

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Design by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera

Unfinished cabinets in brown natural wood shades are the natural look of the epitome. Or, if you prefer a more contemporary look, you could opt for unfinished cabinets with a gray finish.


6. Glass Doors on Your Cabinet

Contemporary Kitchen with Glass Door Cabinet by Al Meera
Credit: Al Meera