Allow our Event Management Arizona DMC, Imagine Events team to customize an itinerary for your next vacation, retreat, micro-wedding, or corporate gathering. We do all the heavy lifting.

Slip away to the Sonoran Desert. With its gorgeous natural scenery, vibrant gastronomic scene, and countless amenities, Tucson DMC offers the perfect basecamp for your next Southwestern getaway. Nestled just one hour North of the Mexican border, this former desert outpost now boasts a bustling city center and is surrounded by impressive natural wonders. 

Settle into the laid-back vibe of this small, yet worldly city while you peer up at tall Sonoran Desert Saguaros, explore native ruins, feast on Sonoran hot dogs and spicy Mexican tacos, or gaze up at the Milky Way.

Explore the city’s mid-century modern architecture, rock climb in the National Park, or study the American-Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo history of the region. The choice is yours. 

The spirit of the Sonoran desert runs deep here. Tucson’s many hotels and UNESCO-recognized gastronomic attractions make this delightfully off-the-radar destination perfect for your next vacation or corporate retreat. 

Explore our hand-curated Tucson DMC Imagine Events recommendations below to make the most out of your stay.

1. Peddle your heart out on a Street Art and Taco Tour of Tucson: 

One of the best ways to soak up the high-desert scenery and gain an appreciation for Tucson’s rich history is to hop on a bike. For a dose of local culture, sign up for a street art tour with one of our local biking guides. Unpack the history behind the city’s vibrant murals and peddle your way toward fresh tortillas and savory empanadas. Our guides will show you the best of Tucson’s UNESCO-recognized culinary scene and provide historical insights along the way. 

2. Step Back in Time at The Mini Time Machine: Museum of Miniatures: 

Founded by the Arnell family, this magical museum offers visitors the chance to travel back in time and experience different eras through a diverse collection of over 500 hyper-detailed dioramas, room boxes, and dollhouses. Step inside this imaginative museum and peer into the various miniature worlds. There is something for everyone here. From a historic Japanese farmhouse diorama to a Colonial General Store Miniature to a full recreation of a modern bookstore: it’s impossible to stop looking. 

3. Hit the Mountain Biking Trails in Coronado National Forest: 

Tucson is a mountain biking mecca. For those who are up for an adventure, we recommend renting a bike and heading to one of Tucson’s many singletrack trails. First-time riders can get their thrill on the flatter trails near Fantasy Island. And more experienced riders can head to the Coronado National Forest for some flowy, yet technical descents. We also have incredible guides and athletes on hand who can show you the ropes and take you to the less traveled trails. Regardless of the path you choose, we recommend capping the adventure off with a prickly pear pint or paying a visit to Tough Luck Club, a craft cocktail joint located in (yes) a former morgue. 

4. Make the Heavens Come Alive on a Stargazing Tour: 

Astro-tourism is on the rise in Tucson DMC  and for good reason. The Southwestern skies boast clear and cloudless nights year-round and offer exceptional opportunities to see twinkling stars, planets, and galaxies. For an introduction to stargazing, we recommend visiting the Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium. During your visit, you can peer through a powerful telescope (atmosphere permitting) to marvel at Saturn’s delicate rings. The planetarium also hosts Pink-Floyd-Inspired Darkside of the Moon events - so be sure to check your calendar if you want to take your stargazing experience to the next level. For those looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience, we are happy to set you up with a professional astronomer for an evening under the stars. Unpack the mystery behind the skies alongside your seasoned guide. View planets, nebulae, stars, and galaxies and speculate about UFOs through a telescope. And of course, it never hurts to kick back with a glass of champagne or melt a gooey S’More in your mouth while the stars glitter above. Allow our team at Imagine Events Tucson DMC to plan the perfect evening for you or your group. 

5. Hike Beneath Towering Cacti in Saguaro National Park

Home to the tallest cacti in the country (some reaching as high as 40ft), as well as an array of colorful flowers, high-desert washes, Barajas, petroglyphs, and an abundance of wildlife, Saguaro National Park offers a peaceful retreat located just a few minutes away from downtown Tucson. Within the park, there are a variety of trails to explore. For a short, yet beautiful trail, opt for the 1.5-mile Loma Loop. On this trail, you’ll pass abandoned copper and silver mines as well as a tranquil cactus forest that is magnificent during twilight hours. Visitors looking for more of a challenge may choose to climb Wasson Peak (a 6.7-mile trail). Ascending over 1,500 feet, the hike is no joke, but early risers will reap the benefits of the radiant desert landscapes. 

While in the park, keep an eye out for wildlife including coyotes, Gabel’s quail, and desert tortoises. If luck has its way (or if you sit quietly for long enough), you may also find yourself locking eyes with the endangered Gila Woodpecker or Sonoran Pronghorn. 

For those who want to experience the park without hiking (or if the temperatures get too hot), we recommend the Cactus Forest Scenic Loop drive for the best scenery. 

Whether you want to see wildlife and plants or explore petroglyphs, allow our experienced local guides to tailor the day to your needs, provide natural history interpretation along the way, and finish off the adventure with a surprise beneath the stars. 

6. Visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Half-garden-half-zoo, this horticultural haven is just the adventure you need. Stroll alongside colorful blooms and desert cacti or sip on an iced coffee while coyotes, javelinas, mountain lions, and prairie dogs go about their days in the surrounding natural enclosures. We recommend visiting in the morning for the best chance to see the big cats. For those who have more time in town or are looking to plan something unique, reach out to us to see how we can plan artist-meet ups, paint-and-sip parties, or host a VIP Vino and charcuterie evening on the museum's stunning campus. Home to over 55,000 species of desert plants, two aviaries, and an art gallery, you can rely on our Event Management Arizona DMC to design a stunning itinerary or VIP event for you here. 

7. Appreciate Tucson’s UNESCO-winning Food Scene: 

Ten years ago, Tucson was not on anyone's culinary radar. However, today, the tables have turned. Now hailed as the nation’s first UNESCO-rated City of Gastronomy, Tucson boasts a bustling culinary scene packed with inventive and eclectic bites that draw influences from Spanish, Mexican, and Southwestern dishes. 

Allow our passionate guides, chefs, and culinary experts to take you on a Tucson food crawl, where you can hit the highlights and sample the city’s best dishes while learning along the way. Contact our Tucson Imagine Events DMC to find out how we can host a farm-to-table food tour for your next trip or contract with one of our local vendors to design the ultimate culinary experience for your group. 

Perhaps start with a visit to Mission Garden: a non-profit garden estate that boasts desert orchards and vegetable beds introduced by the Hohokam people over 4,000 years ago.  Or alternatively, head to the Obama-endorsed Tucson Village Farm. Next, head downtown to sample some bite, a Guadalajara-style bread seasoned with beer malt and lemon. Round out your meal with some Puerco Verde tacos or opt for a classic Sonoran Hot Dog. Cap your tour off with some flakey Mexican pastries or keep the party rolling with a prickly pear margarita. You can’t go wrong! 

8. Make the Pilgrimage to Mission San Xavier del Bac

Regarded as “the finest example of Spanish Mission architecture in the United States,” Mission San Xavier del Bac is a stunning southwestern mission that abounds in well-preserved architecture and colorful frescoes. Now listed as a National Historic Landmark, the original construction dates back to the 1700s when Spanish Colonists and missionaries collided with the native O’odham, who ultimately constructed the church for the Spanish as well as a chain of missions along the Santa Cruz River in the Sonoran desert. Today, visitors continue to travel long distances to view the Mission in person, and it’s worth it!  - if only for the architecture, some inspiration, and to understand a bit more about the mixing of cultures and the history of Spanish and native influence in Tucson. 

9. University of Arizona 

It would be wrong to talk about Tucson without mentioning the University of Arizona, an economic and educational staple of the city. Dedicated to science and serving as a long-time partner to NASA, the University is home to nine museums and hosts a variety of sports games on campus. For those interested in learning more about space, visit the planetarium or allow us to connect you for coffee with a local astronomy professor. Creative minds will enjoy a visit to The Center for Creative Photography, where Ansel Adams has his archive on display. And those interested in Geology and Gemology will want to stop by the University of Arizona Gem and Mineral Museum, where dazzling gems and rocks from space adorn the halls. We are happy to facilitate private tours and can arrange for gemologists and geologists to join your group. 

10. Kick Back in One of Tucson’s Sleek Modern-Desert Resorts: 

Whether you prefer to stay in the heart of the city or want a more solitary desert resort near the Catalina Mountains, Tucson offers a variety of southwestern-inspired lodging and a never-ending selection of event spaces. Choose from sleek urban hotels, and quirky hotel rooms in redesigned schools, or perhaps book a night in the mid-century modern Ball Baylore House. If those options don’t strike your fancy, set off into the foothills for a spa-worthy retreat at one of our favorite wellness resorts. Plunge in canyon pools, treat yourself to a healing session and reset your mind amidst the meandering trails of cactus gardens. 

The Sonoran Desert awaits. 

Allow our Event Management Arizona DMC, Imagine Events team to customize an itinerary for your next vacation, retreat, micro-wedding, or corporate gathering. We do all the heavy lifting.

So slip away to the Sonoran Desert and leave the details to us. Visit sunny Tucson before the secret gets out.