CAR-T Cell Therapies: Addressing Key Unmet Needs Across Various Oncological Indications
Amidst the active initiatives undertaken to develop more targeted anti-cancer therapies, CAR-T therapies have emerged as a promising option, given their ability to eradicate tumor cells from the body with minimal treatment-related side effects.

Further, CAR-T cell therapy, a relatively recent addition to the gamut of anticancer interventions, has demonstrated significant promise. Overall, this highly specific and promising form of CAR-T cell therapy treatment, which harnesses the versatile effector machinery of the human immune system, has revolutionized cancer treatment, globally. Given the consistent increase in number of cell therapies being developed and launched, this upcoming therapeutic segment is on its way to becoming one of the highest valued markets within the biopharmaceutical industry.


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At present, more than 5 CAR-T therapies have been approved for several hematological malignancies, including KYMRIAH® (Novartis), YESCARTA® (Gilead Sciences), TECARTUS™ (Gilead Sciences), Breyanzi® (Bristol Myers Squibb), Abecma™ (Bristol Myers Squibb) and CARVYKTI™ (Janssen Biotech / Legend Biotech). In fact, more than 170 companies are engaged in the development of over 970 early and late-stage CAR-T therapies, worldwide. Moreover, several promising leads are anticipated to be commercially launched over the coming decade, following which the market is projected to grow at a substantial pace. Over 6,500 patents related to CAR-T cell therapies have been recently filed / granted, demonstrating the continued innovation in this domain. In addition, more than 260 collaborations have been inked between several industry / academic stakeholders in order to advance the development of various pipeline candidates. To fund product development initiatives, capital investments worth more than USD 24 billion have been made by various private and public sector investors, in the last few years. Driven by the ongoing pace of innovation in this field, sufficient financial support from investors and encouraging clinical trial results, the CAR-T cell therapy market is likely to witness significant growth in the foreseen future.


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