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Buy Meridia { Weight Loss Drug } Online From Actionpills

Meridia is the brand name to sell Sibutramine. It is used as an obesity control pill. Sibutramine was developed in 1988. It was sold under many brand names such as Sibutrex, Sirenia, Reductil, and Meridia. Usually, it has been used in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate salt. In 1997 it was introduced in the market. It was withdrawn from the market in the USA in 2010  as it has some serious side effects on the body. 


How to use it?    


Take the medicine in the exact way your doctor has told you to, because your doctor knows how much, when, and how many times your body needs it.  Also, the doctor must have done some examinations of your body, which means they know the condition of your body so they have prescribed the medicine according to it. Normally this medicine is taken orally once a day in the morning.  The starting dose of Meridia is 10mg taken once daily. If insufficient weight loss is seen, then the doctor may increase the dose to 15mg. Meridia 5mg is prescribed to those who can’t tolerate the 10 mg dose. All these are prescribed while keeping eye on the blood pressure and heart rate of the patient. Meridia can be taken with or without food. But it's more effective when taken with food with controlled calories. Availability of Meridia doses:

 Meridia is available in 3 types, according to its doses. Those are Meridia 5 mg, Meridia 10 mg, and Meridia 15 mg. and Meridia 15 mg is prescribed in some very rare cases.   


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