This DIY Wall Clock is Ideal for a More Minimalist and Budget-Conscious Approach to Home Décor!
Keep things simple with this DIY Wall Clock. It’s an ideal way to bring a more minimalist and budget-conscious approach to home décor.

The most noticeable thing a guest does in your home at every visit is to watch the ever-changing time. The clock is the charming decor that flavour-up the taste of the interior. 


To purchase the high-profile watch that is already on every Amazon page is quite threadbare. The ideal means of getting the best wall clock decor is to make your own thoughts with a customised wall clock


Read till the end if you want to pour your creativity on the clock base and create something out of the box. Here, we will discuss the cheerful details that will help you get an on-budget DIY wall clock decor.

How is the DIY wall clock base made?

In every D.I.Y. product, the elements' quality is essential to consider. To create an exquisite wall clock, you need the following equipment:


  • Finely cutout Base of the wall clock: The quality of M.D.F. is ideal as it provides a highly durable unfinished wooden plain surface.
  • Clock machine with hands: machine with box type hanger.
  • Numbers for clock: wooden or acrylic material as per the design

These are the three essential elements required to customise any wall clock. Today, the moulds are available in a wooden base to create the pure resin clock. By any means, you have to design the bottom of the watch through acrylic or oil painting, resin pouring, donut mandala and by any other of your choice. 


Once you are satisfied with the base, attach the numbers or clock strips that emphasise numbers and finally clock the machine with your hands.

Which DIY wall clock is ideal?


The clock that resembles the nature of your space is the ideal choice for you. Sometimes, the clock made from the plain white canvas sheet with stickers of a black bird on it can become the best choice on the bold walls. 


Yes, you can make the wall clock with any base where you simply have to attach the clock machine with hands. There are varieties of modern clock designs even without having number stripes. 


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